Hi! I'm Karma (yes that's my real name). I'm the owner and founding photographer. My husband and I moved to Maui from Seattle in 2006, I still can't get over the fact that we get to live here! I am a mommy to two amazing little boys and I love being the queen of my household. I love bargain shopping for clothes, then spending way too much money on food and wine. People, US Magazine, chocolate, tween trilogy books and the Walking Dead are my guilty pleasures. I am totally un-athletic but love trying new fitness trends, I am currently enjoying CrossFit! I couldn't get by without my iPhone and I have to lecture myself not to Instagram and drive. I love my job, I love the people I work with and I can't wait to learn more about YOU! 


Our Team

I cultivated an amazing team of Maui Photography professionals who share my vision of lovely light, captured moments and amazing service, so no matter who is behind the camera, the images and experience will be amazing! We also have a full time professional editor on staff who is an expert in the field and I personally review every image before it gets released to our clients to ensure it fits with our brand and quality standards. We all have a passion for what we do and for the place we do it in and we look forward to capturing your special moments on Maui! 



studio manager & lead photo editor

Photographer & office go to gal

If you notice your skin has never looked better in your photos, you can thank Brooke! She is a pro photo editor and makes all our photos look amazing! She also handles our bookings, so you will get to know her when you book with us!



Chantelle builds up her camera arm muscles by rowing outrigger canoes! She lives with her hubby and loves the ocean and all things outdoors. 

Kyra has a smile that can light up a room and spreads Aloha wherever she goes!  A talented dancer and Polynesian entertainer are among her many skills and to top it off, she is amazing with kids (and adults )!

Originally from Kauai Megan left the islands to pursue her masters in Photography! She is happy to be back in Hawaii and is loving Maui as her new island home.

Sasha is super sweet and always has a ready smile! In addition to being an awesome photographer she is a mommy to two adorable boys.  

Not only does Cheynice  create gorgeous images she's also  in our office in between shoots helping Brooke with editing and emails! She  puts the NICE in Cheynice, you will love spending time with her!







What makes us different from the rest?

 The Karma Hill Photography Philosophy

Thanks for dropping by! I really want our team of professional Maui photographers to be a part of YOUR Maui experience. I like to think our photos speak for themselves, but I really want to give you the backstory on how they look so stunning and why I think our brand is so special. 


When I first started this company, I was a one man band, I did everything, marketing, answering phone calls, shooting, editing, taxes, you name it! I quickly realized that my quality of work went waaay down when I was burning the candle at both ends and editing into the wee hours of the morning. So I cultivated an amazing TEAM of professionals to make sure that each business area was given the attention it needed to be the best. With a full time editor, office manager, marketing team and some awesome accountants our team of Maui photographers get to do what we love the best, which is taking your photos!!  


With a full time in house professional photo editor, your Maui photographer is not sipping wine at 2 in the morning while post processing your photos, you get an EXPERT in post processing. Our editor carefully perfects each photo and completes the magic by always removing distracting people and objects from the background, making sure your skin looks its best by removing shine, blemishes and softening lines. You will never look better than in a photo by the Karma Hill Photography team thanks to the teamwork of our photographers and our post processing genius! 


We have photographed over 1000 events collectively, which means we have seen it ALL!! There is nothing we can't handle! We have been operating on Maui since 2007 and you can count on us to give you the best advice for posing, lighting, location selection, clothing selection and so much more, we are even happy to give you our local advice on the best things to do on Maui! 

 I hope to see you soon! Aloha and Mahalo,
- Karma 



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