Portrait Locations

In Wailua on Kauai's east side, near Kapa'a and Lihue surrounded by lush green MOUNTAINS.

Lydgate Beach


- Some Palm Trees 
- Calm water in areas with rocks, great for families with small kids.
- Centrally located with parking and restrooms
- Has a rustic and natural feel
- Soft pastel sunsets
- Great for morning and sunset sessions
- Can be busy on weekends, weekdays are recommended.

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A short drive from Kapa'a town on Kauai's east side, this gem of a beach has a great of variety of scenery. from mountains to sandy beach, It's eastern facing shores make for spectacularly dreamy soft portraits.

Anahola Beach

Best For: 

- Morning or sunset
- Weekdays (this beach is very popular on the weekends)


-  Sandy beach
- Dramatic mountain views
- Centrally located
- Easy access and parking

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Located on Kauai's East Shore, this Large beach has a dramatic natural feel, with green and rocky areas in the background, it is QUINTESSENTIAL Kauai.

Kealia Beach Park


- Long sandy beach
- Greenery and rocks
- Plenty of parking
- Beautiful light both morning and sunset
- Pastel sunsets and glowing mornings

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Near the resort area of poipu on Kauai's south shore, it's near the action without all the CROWDS.

Kukuiula Beach


- Great variety of scenery
- Large rock formations
- Large grassy area
- Great for morning or sunset sessions
- Parking and restrooms

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In the resort area of Poipu, Shipwrecks beach is epicly scenic with large rock formations and lots of green next to the beach for a variety of scenery.

Shipwrecks Beach


-White sand and aqua water
-Dramatic Rock Formations
-Small forest area next to beach for variety
-Some lava rocks
-Because it is near a large resort, this beach can be very busy.
-Great for sunset Portrait sessions

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On Kauai's famous north shore, this rugged beach has many options for a variety of portrait backdrops

Anini Beach Park


-Larger beach with many small coves
-Palm Trees
-Great for morning and sunset sessions, sunsets are soft and pastel
-Mountains in the distance
- Some lava rocks

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This South Side beach has a variety of scenic options for photos. A beautiful CRESCENT shaped beach on one side and A large reef next to the shore on the other that creates dramatic waterfalls off the rocks when the waves crash.

Saltpond Beach Park


- Ample Parking and Restrooms
- Close to the resort area of Poipu
- Two different beach looks in one location
- Great for sunset portrait sessions
- Can be busy with other photo shoots and weddings.

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