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Let us help you plan the perfect Kauai proposal!

Ready to make your proposal on Kauai a memory to last a lifetime? Dive into the magic with our vibrant Kauai Proposal Packages, ensuring an experience you'll never forget.

Let us be your partners in crafting a romantic, thoughtful, and pleasantly surprising proposal that you can relish and proudly share with your loved ones back home. We'll guide you in picking the perfect spot, coordinating the ideal timing for your arrival, and even offer suggestions for a dreamy post-proposal dinner or lunch.

Explore the exciting options and pricing below, and get ready to turn your proposal into a standout chapter in your love story.

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We will capture your marriage proposal either paparazzi style or during a photoshoot, we will then take gorgeous couples photos afterwards. You get proposal and engagement portraits all at once! 

Included in This Package: 
  • 1 hour of photography time & 50 edited digital images
  • Location selection assistance & beach permit 
  • Guidance on timeline and where to go
  • Referral to Complementary Concierge service to book other special experiences such as dinner reservations, boat trips, Luau's etc.  

$850 +tax 

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Proposal Photography Coordination

Craft a memory that lingers for both you and your partner. Choosing the island paradise of Kauai adds that extra special touch to the occasion. We're here to help make this moment extra special by providing the essential elements to consider when putting together the perfect Kauai proposal package. With its serene beaches and elegant resorts, Kauai presents a variety of settings to personalize your proposal. Let us walk you through the important details, ensuring your proposal package is carefully tailored for an unforgettable experience on Kauai.

Kauai, part of the beautiful Hawaiian islands, offers a variety of breathtaking settings for your proposal – think sunlit beaches, lush gardens, and upscale hotels. Picking the perfect spot is key, so factor in things like privacy, accessibility, and the best time to make it magical. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team for advice to make sure your plan is doable and to steer clear of any potential hiccups or restrictions on private property.

Picking the perfect place to stay can really amp up your Kauai proposal game. Think about going for a cozy romantic airbnb or maybe a resort with amenities and stunning views and easy beach access. Locking in a delightful accommodation guarantees that every part of your proposal is absolutely spot-on.

Capturing this significant moment holds so much importance! Opting for a skilled proposal photographer ensures high-quality images of one of the best days of your life. Chat with us and we an help with your plan. The decision-making process involves choosing between a "paparazzi" style approach, where the photographer discreetly captures the proposal and reveals themselves after the big YES for a beautiful engagement photo session, or booking a portrait session, tipping off your significant other about it, but surprising them with the proposal amid the portrait shoot.

Elevate the enchantment of your special moment by considering a romantic dinner following the proposal. Kauai boasts exceptional 5-star restaurants situated around the island. Consult with your proposal planner for valuable insights and seamless planning to add an extra layer of sophistication to your memorable occasion.

Infuse your proposal with the charm of unique experiences that mirror your special connection. Picture this: a romantic sunset sail, revisiting a cherished spot on the island, or a simple sunset beach stroll that's pure magic. Personalize your proposal with activities close to your hearts, and watch it become even more unforgettable. Let our planners spark some creative ideas tailored just for you!

Contemplating the monumental moment of popping the question, and feeling the weight of planning, especially for a destination proposal on the breathtaking Kauai? Release the stress and elevate the experience by enlisting the expertise of a professional proposal planner like Karma Hill Photography. With their extensive knowledge, local connections, and adept handling of intricate details, you can simply immerse yourself in the moment. Focus on those fantastic Hawaii proposal ideas of yours, knowing that a local team is dedicated to transforming them into a reality. Effortless and extraordinary!

Ensuring the safety of your engagement ring is a biggie! Select a design that resonates with your partner's taste, and consider obtaining insurance, particularly if your travels take you far and wide. It's not uncommon for unforeseen incidents to occur, such as the ring being misplaced during beach outings or snorkeling activities, often exacerbated by inadequate sizing. Prioritizing safety measures, including insurance and proper sizing, is important to safeguard this symbol of your love.

Despite careful planning, unexpected factors like weather can introduce uncertainties. Having a contingency plan is a wise strategy to remain prepared for any unforeseen developments. The backup plan doesn't have to be elaborate, but having a reliable alternative can alleviate the stress of depending solely on a single course of action. Ultimately, your significant other will value the effort you invest in ensuring the day is special, creating a heartwarming and truly memorable experience.

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Creating the Perfect Kauai Proposal Package: A Comprehensive Guide

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