Our Top 10 Big island Portrait Planning Tips

Our Big Island photographers will put you at ease and create a fun and memorable portrait experience while capturing gorgeous images of you and your family to look back on long after your vacation is over.

What time of day is better for Portraits? Sunset or morning?

number one

They are both great! The areas of the big island that we specialize in (Kona, Waikoloa, Mauna Lani and Mauna Kea resort areas) have both vibrant blue mornings and dreamy pastel sunsets (weather permitting). We offer an early morning session at 8:00 am and a sunset session in the few hours before the sunset. We do not recommend mid-day photos as the sun is too high in the sky and too hot to be comfortable in.

If you have kids under 10 in your group, they are usually more focused in the morning and have more energy. It can be tough for kids to play in the sun all day, then stay focused for up to an hour and a half when they are hungry for dinner!

What is the best location for our Big Island portraits?

number TWO

There are many great locations on the Big Island for portraits! To start, take a look at our Big Island Portrait Locations Page here:


We have our most favorite spots for portrait photography listed there. You can also see lots of real portrait sessions at these locations on the blog here:

Big Island portrait locations page

view the blog

What do we wear!?

number three

We have a really helpful page about what to wear for Big Island family portraits, so check out this resource below.  

First and foremost, let's get you feeling fabulous in what you wear! The more confident and comfortable you feel, the better your portraits will turn out!

Now, let's talk about matching outfits. While it may seem like a good idea, identical aloha prints or overly coordinated outfits can make your group appear outdated and lacking in individuality. We want to highlight each person's unique personality and showcase your family's vibe as a whole. So instead of matching, try coordinating with each other.

Our favorite colors for beach portraits are oceanic blues, pretty pinks, and lush greens. A neutral base like khaki pants for guys provides a great canvas for splashes of color with tops, dresses, or accessories for the ladies. Check out our blog for inspiration from past clients!

Remember to opt for comfortable attire that allows you to move around with ease, especially if you plan on frolicking on the beach. Avoid bold prints or logos that could look strange or outdated in photos, and feel free to check out our pin boards for additional style ideas!

what to wear for family portraits in hawaii

general clothing tips:

Who will be taking our family photos?

number four

You will be assigned a photographer from our team of exceptional photographers! They are not only incredibly talented and experienced, but also have been personally trained in our signature brand style by our founder Karma Hill.

If you have a particular team member in mind, we'll do everything we can to make sure they are available for your shoot. However, if they are already booked, don't worry! We have a roster of equally talented and friendly photographers who are eager to make your vision come to life. At our company, we believe that professionalism and fun should go hand in hand, so we guarantee a warm and enjoyable experience every step of the way.

How many pictures do you take during our Big Island portrait session?

number five

There is no limit to the number of pictures we take during your photo session, this usually ends up being about 100-200 pictures per hour. The amount of pictures you will get in your final collection will depend on your package selection. 

big island portrait packages

How do we pay for our Big Island portrait session?

number six

We require a $50 deposit to reserve your date and the balance of your session less the $50 deposit will be due two days before your session, we accept credit cards and bank transfers. 

How soon can we expect to see our pictures?!

number seven

A sneak peek on our blog with around 20 photos will be ready in about a week. Your full collection will be ready to view 3-4 weeks after your session. Turnaround time may be longer in peak times.

How do we get our high resolution image files?

number eight

Once your photos have been edited, we upload them to a private proofing website that you can share with friends and family. You can download a zip file of your photos directly from that proofing website! No waiting for snail mail from Hawaii! In addition to the digital download, we also offer a keepsake USB drive for $175 that is made of wood and custom printed with a photo from your portrait and presented in a wooden keepsake box with a photo on the top. 

What happens if it rains!?

number nine

Luckily this does not happen very often in the locations we usually work in. The first option would be to re-locate your shoot to an area of the island that is not raining. If it's just a sprinkle, we will typically continue with the session as the weather changes so quickly in the islands. Also, you may get a chance for rainbows in your photos and evenings with clouds sometimes have the BEST sunsets!

If your session gets totally rained out, we can try to re-schedule at no additional charge, if your session can not be re-scheduled your booking deposit and full session fee will be refunded.

Do you provide any props for us?

number ten

Our beach portrait packages are designed to capture the natural interaction between you and your loved ones, a snapshot of your time together, so we don't bring props. However you are welcome to bring any props that you love or you feel represent you and your group. Popular props are beach toys for the younger kids, ukuleles, beach blankets, starfish or shells, fun signs etc.

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