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Do you know what lights up our hearts and cameras? It is working with lovely island locals like the Liebenguth family who recently booked an Oahu family portrait with us! Under the bright sunshine, this sweet family of four set out on a mission—to capture the essence of their island home and the love that […]

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The Sethness-Bullock-Clancy-Ryan family reunion in Maui was a long-awaited gathering filled with laughter, love, and of course, plenty of photo opportunities. A Maui family portrait was the best idea for this happy family gathered together! With family members traveling from different parts of the country, the excitement was palpable as everyone came together for this […]

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The Curtis family’s Maui vacation was made even more memorable with their first-ever family portrait session on a beautiful morning! Originally from South Africa and now residing in Canada and the US, the family had visited Maui numerous times before but had never taken the opportunity to capture their precious moments in paradise. With Grandma […]

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Born and raised on the island of Maui, Stephen found the perfect opportunity to propose to his girlfriend, Ximena, during one of their annual visits to see his parents. The couple, who met while working at a hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona, share a bond that has grown stronger over their five years together. With two […]

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The Kelly & Nilson’s Maui family portrait session was nothing short of beautiful and lovely. Adiel, owner of the fantastic hair Salon 253 here was hosting some family friends from Utah on the island. Her family are no strangers to the stunning landscapes of Maui. Yet, every moment spent together as a family is cherished, […]

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David’s Maui senior portrait session wasn’t just a photo shoot; it was a celebration of milestones, memories, and the exciting future ahead. As a tradition, David and his family, along with about ten other families, have made the annual pilgrimage to Hawaii for spring break. This year was particularly special as it marked the culmination […]

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The Kinney family’s venture to Maui wasn’t just another holiday—it was a momentous occasion, marking their first family portrait in years, just before their life entered a new chapter with their eldest’s graduation and impending LDS mission. With the majestic Hawaiian setting serving as their canvas, this family of six embarked on an adventure that […]

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The sun-drenched shores of South Maui set the stage for a momentous occasion for the Case-McFarland family, marking their first full-family Maui vacation in over a decade. Coming all the way from Seattle, a place where the sun is a rare gem, the family basked in the bright and colorful ambiance of Maui, a favorite […]

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The Ferguson’s Maui family portrait session at Polo Beach was nothing short of spectacular. This outgoing family, known for their love of fun, travel, and adventure, brought a dynamic energy to the shores of Maui, filling the air with laughter and joy. It was a day that not only captured the beauty of their familial […]

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The Patels’ return to the enchanting island of Maui was not just any trip! It was a vibrant celebration under the Hawaiian sun, marking a special occasion in their family’s journey. As they gathered on the beach, the family was bubbling with excitement to commemorate Lina’s upcoming 60th birthday, aligning this joyous reunion with Reyan […]

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Nestled against the stunning backdrop of Maui’s North Shore, the Hall family joined us for a sweet Maui family portrait session that was nothing short of endearing. This was not just any family outing; it was a vivid celebration of love, laughter, and the unbreakable bonds that tie a family together. For the Halls, this […]

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From the cool, refreshing lakes of northern Minnesota to the warm, inviting sands of Maui, the Ericksons embarked on a Spring Break adventure! For the adults, Hawaii was a familiar paradise, but for the children and grandchildren, it was a canvas of new experiences waiting to be painted with memories. So we were so happy […]

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On a glorious day at the beach, the Frauhiger family decided it was the perfect moment to freeze time. They captured their vibrant family spirit in a series of photographs that would forever encapsulate their joy and unity. Their Maui family portrait was one for the books – or at least their family album as […]

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The Jacobson family’s first-ever exclusive family vacation to Maui wasn’t just a trip—it was a celebration of new beginnings, overcoming challenges, and the joy of togetherness. Having always traveled in the company of extended family or friends, this adventure marked a special chapter in their lives, one filled with anticipation, laughter, and the promise of […]

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From the charming landscapes of South Carolina to the tropical paradise of Maui, the Hawkins family shared a memorable family vacation. And exciting news they are soon to be a family of four! This trip, marking their third visit to the island, held a special significance as they celebrated life, love, and new beginnings! For […]

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The Salazar family’s return trip to Kauai was nothing short of a pastel dream, filled with laughter, love, and the kind of memories that are framed not just on walls, but in hearts. For their second visit to the island, they embarked on a very special adventure – their first trip with their kids and […]

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The Niehues family recently joined us on a delightful Maui family portrait session to commemorate their 10-year anniversary! Returning to the place where they exchanged vows a decade ago, the excitement was palpable as they planned to make new memories with their children during spring break. The anticipation of capturing moments on the beach filled […]

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The James’ Maui family portrait session was nothing short of a celebration—a celebration of family, of love, and the exciting anticipation of their newest member’s arrival. Amidst the stunning backdrop of nature’s beauty, Sabrena and Drisan wanted to capture this special time in their lives with maternity portraits with their kiddos that radiated joy and […]

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The Krush family joined us for an unforgettable session, marking their return to the island after more than a decade. This vibrant family, spanning generations from grandparents to grandkids, brought an infectious energy and warmth to their Maui portrait session, turning the beautiful beach backdrop into a playground of joy and laughter. Dressed in harmonious […]

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The sweet Lacefield family gathered on the sandy shores at the Four Seasons Hualalai, ready to capture a milestone moment—Haley’s 30th birthday. With their young baby boy, Hudson, in tow, the scene was set for a session filled with sweetness and light. Keep reading to see more lovely moments from their Big Island family portrait! […]

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