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View our most recent Maui family portraits from breathtaking locations across Maui, Hawaii. Having a family portrait in Maui is a truly magical experience you and your family will never forget. Whether it's your first time to Maui or you have been many times, family portraits in paradise are the perfect way to document your family vacation and capture those fleeting moments forever.  

It may be babies first time at the beach playing in the sand or your annual family vacation. Let on of our Maui family photographers capture this special time with your loved ones in some of the most beautiful natural backgrounds in the world.  

If you are looking for more family portrait inspiration, view our family portraits gallery on our site here:

View our most recent Maui family portraits from breathtaking locations across Maui, Hawaii by our team of talented Maui family photographers.

If you are looking for more family portrait inspiration, view our family portraits gallery on our site here:

Maui Family Portraits

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Maui family portraits

The Murphy family’s first trip into the enchanting beauty of Maui was nothing short of a jubilant celebration of love and togetherness. As they gathered for their very first Maui family portrait on the beach, their sheer happiness painted a vibrant picture of pure joy. Keep reading to see more of their fun session with […]

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Hawaii’s allure has once again beckoned, and this time, the McReynolds family from Canada embarked on a joyous adventure to create unforgettable memories in the enchanting beauty of Maui. With their hearts full of excitement, they embarked on this special journey, marking the first Hawaiian experience for their children. Accompanied by their close-knit clan, the […]

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The Eleff family knows the value of capturing special moments, and their recent Maui family portrait session was no exception. With laughter, love, and a whole lot of fun, they embarked on their 5th Hawaiian photoshoot, creating memories to last a lifetime! From the moment they stepped onto the sandy shores, it was clear that […]

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The Sobel family, hailing from Ohio, met one of our talented photographers to capture their togetherness and create lasting memories on the shores of Maui. A family of five, they returned after nearly 19 years, the island holding a special place in their hearts since their honeymoon! Reminiscing about their first visit, they shared a […]

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In the radiant morning light in paradise, the Im family celebrated their babymoon with laughter, love, and the anticipation of their growing family. Expecting baby #2 in May, naturally, this was a momentous occasion for the Im family! As you can imagine, they wanted to capture the joy and excitement in a series of sweet […]

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Embarking on their second journey to the tropical paradise of Maui, the Shurts/Raberge family eagerly anticipated a memorable Maui family portrait session. While their parents are seasoned Hawaii visitors, this trip was a special gift from their tight-knit family to them! Their family, including Jana and her husband Weston, their two delightful children Charleigh and […]

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Six years after their beautiful Maui wedding, the Pierce-Norris family found themselves back on the sun-kissed shores of the island, ready to capture new memories and celebrate their enduring love. Coordinated by our talented team at Simple Maui Wedding, Wally and Ally wanted a sort of do-over of some family portraits on the beach! We […]

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In the midst of Alaska’s long and dark winters, the Wiens family has made it a tradition to embark on a “sun trip” to brighter pastures. Two years ago, they found themselves basking in the warmth of Maui’s golden beaches, and now they are back again to catch some rays. Meet Matt, the brilliant engineer, […]

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Bright and sunny-faced, Kelsey, one of our talented photo editors, has been a treasured member of our team for years. Her infectious smile lies a deep connection to the beautiful island of Maui, which she has called home since the age of 10. This year, Kelsey had the joyous opportunity to welcome her father, stepmom […]

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There is something truly extraordinary about bringing a big family together. The excitement, the laughter, and the love that fills the air is infectious. For the Salley family, this gathering on the Big Island was a momentous occasion, as they came together to celebrate Susan and Carl’s 50th wedding anniversary. From the moment they arrived, […]

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Family vacations are a time to unwind, relax, and create lasting memories. For the Fleming family, this trip to Maui held an even deeper significance. It was a surprise gift for John Sr. and Carol, a celebration of their love, and a reminder of the preciousness of life itself. Recently, the Flemings received the news […]

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to the Chopra’s first Maui family portrait, no words can truly capture the sheer happiness and joy that radiated from this beautiful family. It was a momentous occasion as they ventured to Hawaii for the very first time, creating unforgettable memories […]

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There is something truly magical about a family gathering, especially when it takes place on a breathtaking beach in Maui. For the Setaputri family, this annual reunion held extra significance as they embarked on their first visit to the island together. The anticipation was high, and their desire to capture beautiful memories in photographs was […]

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There’s something truly special about gathering with loved ones for a family portrait, especially in the picturesque setting of Maui. The Gronneberg family embraced this opportunity to create lasting memories and celebrate their togetherness. Despite passing showers, their lightheartedness and love shone through, making their Maui family portrait session a truly magical occasion. As the […]

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From Atlanta, Georgia, the Malthaner family embarked on a special journey to Maui, Hawaii, to create lasting memories together. With Kurt and Lori having honeymooned in Maui almost 19 years ago, this trip held a deep sentimental value. With Kate and Ava joining them, it marked their first visit to the picturesque island. As they […]

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“When planning this trip, we polled the boys about where in the world they most wanted to visit, and it was a unanimous answer that Hawaii,” Natalie told us before her Maui family portrait. The Smith family was so excited to travel to the islands her boys couldn’t wait to play on the beach. Our […]

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Meet the Mostat family, a fun-loving and close-knit group from Edmonton, AB, Canada. On their 5th visit to Maui, they decided it was the perfect time to capture some beautiful family photographs. As owners of a sign manufacturing business, Craig and Barb, along with their daughters Bryanna and Taylor, and their respective families, brought their […]

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When it comes to creating lasting memories, the Hyer family knows just how to do it right! As part-time residents of Maui, they have embraced the island’s beauty and the joy that comes with spending time as a family. During one of their visits, they decided to immortalize their happiness through a vibrant and lively […]

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In the heart of Maui, nestled within the breathtaking landscape, lies Circle M Ranch—a place where Chase Cavitt serves as the “Head Wrangler.” This ranch offers unforgettable horseback rides along the scenic coast of Waihe’e, providing guests with a unique and authentic experience. The Cavitt family, deeply rooted in the island’s local culture, recently had […]

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When it comes to cherishing family moments, the Hill family knows just how important it is to capture those special memories. As the loving family behind Karma Hill Photography, they understand the significance of freezing time and preserving the love shared within a family. Recently, they joined one of our photographers for their own Maui […]

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