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View our most recent Maui family portraits from breathtaking locations across Maui, Hawaii. Having a family portrait in Maui is a truly magical experience you and your family will never forget. Whether it's your first time to Maui or you have been many times, family portraits in paradise are the perfect way to document your family vacation and capture those fleeting moments forever.  

It may be babies first time at the beach playing in the sand or your annual family vacation. Let on of our Maui family photographers capture this special time with your loved ones in some of the most beautiful natural backgrounds in the world.  

If you are looking for more family portrait inspiration, view our family portraits gallery on our site here:

View our most recent Maui family portraits from breathtaking locations across Maui, Hawaii by our team of talented Maui family photographers.

Looking for more family portrait inspiration, view our family portraits gallery on our site here:

Maui Family Portraits

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Maui family portraits

We were overjoyed to welcome back the Barbes family for a joyful Maui family portrait session! This time, the celebration was double the joy with two babies on the way. How amazing is that? Kimberlee and Kristian, who tied the knot with us at Southside Beach last year, are now gearing up for a new […]

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The Daniels family’s recent visit to Maui was nothing short of magical, filled with joy, laughter, and the perfect backdrop for their new family portraits! They are repeat clients too which made it even more special! Frequent visitors to the island, they love the laid-back vibe of Maui, which always makes them feel at home. […]

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The Hebert’s Maui family portrait session was a delightful blend of love and joy. As they gathered together on the sand, their excitement was palpable, eager to create lasting memories with their beloved family! This was long awaited and they were so excited to get some new photos for their family album! And this time, […]

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When the Wise family arrived at Southside Beach in South Maui for their morning photoshoot, it was clear that this session would be something special. With their radiant smiles and perfectly coordinated outfits, this beautiful family of five was ready to create unforgettable family memories! As a Maui family portraits photographer, there’s nothing more rewarding […]

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We are excited to share the delightful portraits from the Durham’s recent Maui family portrait session! As return clients, it was wonderful to welcome them back and capture their beautiful moments once again! The Durham family had a stunning session on the beach with their adorable kiddos. We started by taking some breathtaking photos amidst […]

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We were thrilled to welcome the sweet Alcorn family for their Maui family portrait session! It was a delightful morning of love, laughter, and new beginnings. With their two adorable little boys in tow – a bubbly 2.5-year-old and an adventurous 1-year-old – they were ready to capture precious memories in paradise. Returning to Maui, […]

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The Suarez and McLaughlin families came together on the shores of Hawaii for a Maui family portrait session that warmed our hearts! It was a fun and relaxed session, and they couldn’t be happier to be on a family vacation together. These two loving families gathered on the beach and shared heartfelt moments with big […]

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The Flannerys’ Maui family portrait session was a joyful celebration of love, laughter, and happy memories. Returning to the island where they tied the knot five years ago, they were eager to capture new moments with their growing family. With their adorable son Owen in tow, the Flannerys embraced the opportunity to freeze this precious […]

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We’re thrilled to share the heartwarming story of the Reyes family’s recent visit to Maui. Having visited this tropical paradise numerous times, the Reyes family has a deep connection with the island, and this trip was extra special. They booked a Maui family portrait with us to commemorate their return and multiple celebrations! Back in […]

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The Weekleys’ Maui family portrait session was a celebration of love, sunshine, and a major milestone – their triplets’ graduation from college! With 28 years of marriage under their belt and three amazing kids, this family had every reason to smile from ear to ear. Traveling all the way from Ohio to Maui, they were […]

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The Farish family’s Maui adventure was more than just a birthday celebration! It was a chance to capture precious memories to bring home with them. With nearly 31 years of marriage under their belt and a full house of kids, grandkids, and one awesome son-in-law, their Maui family portrait session was bound to be filled […]

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Picture this: multiple generations of the Borda family, all gathered together on the stunning shores of Maui for a day of laughter, love, and timeless memories. From grandparents to their little one, everyone came together to celebrate their bond and create some magical moments. They booked a Maui family portrait with us to remember this […]

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Capturing precious family moments is what we live for! And the Johnson’s Maui family portrait session was so special as it was long overdue! With bright smiles and hearts full of love, the Johnson family gathered on the shores of Maui for a day of laughter, fun, and unforgettable memories. Eager to update their family […]

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The Draina family’s Maui adventure was about to get even more memorable as they eagerly awaited their family photoshoot with our Maui family photographer. With excitement buzzing in the air, they were ready to capture their Maui moments on the beach! Visiting Maui for the first time, the Drainas were no strangers to the Hawaiian […]

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Guess who’s back for another round of Maui magic? That’s right—it’s the Colombo family, and they’re here to sprinkle some more aloha into their family memories with a Maui family portrait! Returning annually to the beautiful shores of Maui, the Colombo crew is no stranger to the island’s charms. In fact, this marks their third […]

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What’s better than seeing familiar faces light up with smiles? Reuniting with our beloved repeat clients, the Lam family, was an absolute delight! As they graced the shores of Oahu once again, their enthusiasm and joy were contagious. Having explored Oahu multiple times before, the Lam family shares a deep love for the island, and […]

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What’s better than revisiting a cherished memory? Revisiting it with your little ones in tow! That’s exactly what the DeGuzman family did on their return trip to Maui, this time with their twin boys Noah and Ethan. With smiles as bright as the Hawaiian sun, they embarked on a journey to recreate their special moment […]

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The Beveridge family’s Maui adventure is not just any ordinary trip! It’s a celebration of 40 years of love, laughter, and countless cherished memories. With three grown children, their partners, and precious grandchildren in tow, this vacation is destined to be one for the books. They were so excited to celebrate their 40-year wedding anniversary […]

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The Sethness-Bullock-Clancy-Ryan family reunion in Maui was a long-awaited gathering filled with laughter, love, and of course, plenty of photo opportunities. A Maui family portrait was the best idea for this happy family gathered together! With family members traveling from different parts of the country, the excitement was palpable as everyone came together for this […]

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The Curtis family’s Maui vacation was made even more memorable with their first-ever family portrait session on a beautiful morning! Originally from South Africa and now residing in Canada and the US, the family had visited Maui numerous times before but had never taken the opportunity to capture their precious moments in paradise. With Grandma […]

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