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View real proposal portraits by the Maui proposal photographers of Karma Hill Photography on our blog below? Viewing our multiple blog posts of actual proposals in Maui is a great place to get inspiration for your unique idea.  

Muai Proposal Packages

Want to create an unforgettable proposal experience in Maui?

Because we have a sister wedding planning company, we have full access to planning staff and resources to create you the ultimate Maui wedding proposal experience.  Click below to view our Maui proposal packages or reach out so we can custom create an experience perfect for your personalities. 

Born and raised on the island of Maui, Stephen found the perfect opportunity to propose to his girlfriend, Ximena, during one of their annual visits to see his parents. The couple, who met while working at a hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona, share a bond that has grown stronger over their five years together. With two […]

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Proposing in Hawaii is a dream for many couples, but you need the perfect proposal plan to make your proposal unforgettable. From choosing the perfect location to planning the finer details, we’ve got you covered with amazing Hawaiian proposal ideas so you don’t forget a single detail. Whether you’re envisioning a romantic sunset beach proposal […]

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Amidst the stunning beauty of Maui, Tushar had an unforgettable surprise in store for his beloved Silvi. This last-minute trip to paradise held a secret that would change their lives in the most heartwarming way. After 8 years together, Tushar knew that this spontaneous Maui getaway was the perfect opportunity to create a lasting memory […]

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In the golden embrace of Po’olenalena Beach, Jonathan and Amanda, two hearts intertwined by fate and love, joined us for a breathtaking day that would forever change their lives. From the same small town and preschool to high school classmates who never crossed paths, their love story is a testament to destiny’s guiding hand. Fast […]

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In a world that was put on pause by the pandemic, love continued to bloom. And for Jonathan and Sonia, their vacation in Maui became the setting for a heartwarming surprise. After years of dating, Jonathan had something truly special up his sleeve for his beloved Sonia, and oh boy, was it a moment to […]

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Love is a beautiful journey that brings people together in the most unexpected ways. No one understands this sentiment better than Kristian and Ashley, whose love story began with a simple swipe on an online dating app back in August 2019. From that moment on, their connection grew stronger with each passing day, leading them […]

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When it comes to surprises, Raymond had it all planned out perfectly for his beloved Lejla. He told her they were having some couples portraits taken, and little did she know that this would be a moment she would cherish forever. So, dressed in their finest attire, they met our photographer on what they thought […]

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Love is in the air, and we’re here to share the heartwarming story of Laurentis and Shani’s unforgettable Maui proposal portrait! After seven months of dating, Laurentis couldn’t contain his excitement any longer. With careful planning and the help of our sister company, Simple Maui Wedding, he orchestrated a moment that would take Shani’s breath […]

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We are always delighted to help plan and capture a couple’s Maui proposal portrait! So when Hayden told us his plans, we were more than ready to create the perfect opportunity for him to pop the question! He was a little nervous but so excited to propose to his girlfriend Pam during their Maui vacation. […]

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Abby had no idea what Justin had planned up his sleeve – or rather, in a ring box! We were delighted to capture the moment he popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Abby. Their Maui proposal portrait will keep the surprise and joy close to their hearts long after marriage! So how it all […]

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“I am so excited to ask not just the woman I love, but my best friend, to marry me,” Johnny told us while planning his Maui proposal portrait! He was so excited to pop the question to Meaghan, the love of his life, after three years of dating. We made sure to be as secretive […]

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Love is a beautiful thing, and for Alan and Cassidy, it was in every moment of their Maui proposal portrait session! As two career-driven individuals who head over heels for each other, are excited about their future together. Alan had a secret plan up his sleeve to take the next step in their relationship! Cassidy […]

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Joshua and Tram’s romantic Maui proposal portrait was a truly special and heartwarming event. We were thrilled to work with our sister company, Simple Maui Wedding, to coordinate this secret proposal! When Joshua came to us, we could tell he was head-over-heels in love with Tram and wanted to make this day perfect. They had […]

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Are you ready for a heartwarming story of love and photography? Meet Ale and Mirah, who met online about two years ago through Hinge. On their first date, they went on a photography adventure because they both share a love for capturing beautiful moments. (We know the feeling!) They soon discovered they had gone to […]

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We recently planned the sweetest Maui portrait proposal for the most adorable couple with our sister company, Simple Maui Wedding! Saahil had been preparing for this moment for quite some time, and the moment finally arrived! Although they picked out the ring together, Kait had no idea when he would pop the question on their […]

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RJ had it set in his heart that he would propose to Erin on their recent trip to Maui! On top of Haleakala Crater, no less! We were delighted to help RJ plan the big moment just as the sun was setting. Our photographer pretended to be a causal hiker, enjoying the scenery, yet with […]

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We recently had the pleasure of capturing Jeffrey and Brittnee’s Maui proposal portrait! Their love story is the sweetest; these two lovebirds first met back in junior high, bonding over a shared love for playing the saxophone. However, it wasn’t until 2 or 3 years ago that they started dating, and their relationship took off! […]

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It’s not every day we get the pleasure of coordinating a special Maui portrait proposal for an NFL star! Dennis, who plays for the Arizona Cardinals, had a big plan up his sleeve… He contacted us, hoping to propose to his girlfriend, Codi, on a recent trip to Maui! With our sister company, Simple Maui […]

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Keira and Ross have a love story that is straight out of a fairytale! They met when they were just ten years old after Keira’s family moved onto the same street as Ross’ family. Within weeks, they became inseparable best friends who did everything together. So, we were beyond delighted to capture their Maui proposal […]

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Despite the weather, we recently had the pleasure of capturing KC and Danielle’s Maui proposal portrait! KC had high hopes for his surprise proposal to Danielle, but Mother Nature had other plans. With rain on the way, he was just crossing his fingers that everything would work out! But with a little luck, some careful […]

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