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About Maui Couples Portraits

Ahhhhhhh... the romance of the islands! Imagine being on a beach with your sweetie, your toes in the sand, the gentle ocean breezes carrying the scent of tropical flowers and salty ocean and the warmth of the sun on your face. Now imagine that perfect moment captured perfectly for you to treasure forever! 

That is why we LOVE Maui couples portraits, you get to enjoy a special time on the beach together and we get to make that moment last forever! 

Maui couples portraits are awesome for engagements, honeymoons, babymoons, anniversaries, wedding proposal or just to capture you while your'e young and gorgeous and your Crossfit game is on point. We believe love is love, so no matter who you love, we welcome you! 

Maui engagement portraits are a great for wedding announcements or invitations. Maui honeymoon portraits are a perfect way to document your Maui honeymoon beautifully and so much better than at the end of a selfie stick! Maui anniversary portraits are especially popular with couples who were married on Maui and want to get photos to commemorate their special connection to each other and the island of Maui.

 Our Maui proposal photography are the perfect way to surprise your significant other, you propose while our photographer ninjas hide and capture the moment! Just imagine having the perfect photos of the look on her face when she sees you get down on one knee! With Maui proposal photos we plan, ahead of your trip coordinating with us when and where to be at the location of your choosing to capture your wedding proposal as it happens.

 You know what they say, first comes love, them comes marriage, then..... Yes we love capturing Maui Maternity Portraits while you are here on a babymoon! It's the last time in your lives you will be truly care free, so you better document it while you can (says the busy mother of two)! 

No matter what kind of Maui couples portraits you want the Karma Hill Photography team will help you create and capture beautiful memories you can treasure forever. 

If you are traveling between islands and would like to get couples portraits in Oahu take a look at our Oahu portfolio here: Oahu couples portraits.

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