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Get inspired by our most recent Maui couples portraits from across Maui! With Maui's amazing scenery there is no better place to get couples portraits with your special someone. 

Whether you are in Maui to get engaged, on your honeymoon, celebrating your anniversary, proposing to your special someone, wanting maternity portraits or just want beautiful portraits our team of Maui couples photographers are available for your portrait session in paradise.
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Newlyweds have an aura about them that is unmistakable. It was no different when we arrived at the beach to capture Courtney and Carmen’s Maui couples portrait! This charming pair were recently married this past week on the island and wanted to continue celebrating their newlywed bliss! You can feel the love in these photographs. […]

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When you’ve been together for over a decade, it’s easy to fall into comfortable routines and forget to make time for new adventures. But that’s not the case with Colton and Rachel – this charming pair always seek new experiences and make memories together! So when they decided to take a trip to Maui, it […]

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Springtime in Hawaii can be challenging to photograph at times, but that didn’t stop Rachel and Will from smiling through their Maui couples portrait session! These lovebirds had traveled from Maryland to spend quality time together and explore the beautiful island. And most importantly, the blue turquoise water they’ve been dreaming about! Even though the […]

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This was a session to remember – a Maui proposal portrait and birthday all wrapped up in one! Matt and Savannah have been together for three and a half years, having met in Charleston, South Carolina, at their last duty station. Despite starting their careers in the military, timing has played a big part in […]

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Couples who laugh together stay together! Katie and Tom wanted to capture a beautiful moment in their lives, so the couple took a romantic beachside portrait during sunset in magical Maui! Their Maui couples portrait was fun and lighthearted, making it a joy to capture! The tropical scenery of the beach added to the romance […]

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Time reveals all, and Kandi and Scott are more in love than ever after 5 years of married life! With our sister company, Simple Maui Wedding, we coordinated their beautiful elopement in 2018, and now we are so happy to capture their Maui couples portrait! They were so excited to be back on Maui after […]

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Sasa and Kohei are the perfect examples of newlywed bliss! These newlyweds booked a Maui couples portrait session with us as an additional way to commemorate their special day. And let us tell you, these two are clearly so in love and enjoying every moment of married life! Curious to see more of these two […]

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Abby and Jay have a love story that spans over a decade, so naturally, we were excited to capture their Maui couples portrait! They first met each other about 11 years ago, when Abby’s childhood best friend was dating Jay’s brother. She was visiting her friend when she first met Jay, and the two quickly […]

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Fifteen years and counting for these love birds! Bryan and Allie recently celebrated their 15th anniversary, and it was our pleasure to photograph their Maui couple’s portrait! They are more in love than ever, as you’ll see in these beautiful photos below… Our lovely couple has been to Maui before, but they wanted to remember […]

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The holidays are upon us, which also means it’s proposal season! So it was our delight to capture David and Jessie’s Maui proposal portrait! David was a little nervous, as you can imagine, but he was ready to pop the question to the love of his life! Keep scrolling to see how the special moment […]

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When Trentin said he was ready to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Dixie, we were delighted to coordinate the surprise through a Maui proposal portrait! As you may guess, Dixie didn’t have a clue since she thought they were doing a standard couples portrait together…but Trentin had another special idea up his sleeve, as you’ll […]

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We had to pleasure of capturing Vanessa and Jeremy’s Maui couples portrait – they were recently married! Our beautiful couple is still in the blissful just married stage, as you will see, and rightly so! They were so happy to be in Hawaii together as husband and wife! Please keep reading to see more of […]

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Newlyweds have a glow, a blissful air that radiates around… Lianne and Michael were no exception, and our camera loved it! Our beautiful couple was recently married and are on their honeymoon (if you couldn’t tell by how in love they look!), so we were so excited to capture their Maui couples portrait! Keep reading […]

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It was to our delight recently to capture Ana and Alan’s Maui maternity portrait and babymoon! Undoubtedly, our soon-to-be-parents wanted to remember this precious moment in time through a Maui maternity portrait session. Ana and Alan are so excited to become parents, and they also recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary – congratulations! Since a […]

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It’s that time of year here at Karma Hill Photography – proposal season! And we were lucky enough to capture Daniel and Abby’s Maui proposal portrait! Daniel couldn’t contain his excitement to ask the love of his life, Abby, the big question! As you might guess, it took a little coordination and preparation for their […]

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You can tell when a couple just got married…there’s just something about them; they have that newlywed glow like Kristen and Christopher! It was our pleasure to capture their Maui couple’s portrait on their honeymoon in Maui! You can feel the love and honeymoon bliss in their photos, as you’ll see… Our love birds were […]

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It was a happy day for us over at Karma Hill Photography! Eleanor and Mike’s Maui engagement portrait was a joy to capture since they have never taken any professional photos together! Believe it or not these two lovebirds have known each other since middle school! It’s not every day we hear such a long […]

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What a way to start the day! Sabrina and Brittany’s Maui proposal portrait was a delight for us to photograph recently! It was a joy to spend the morning with these two who were actually planning to propose to each other, but Sabrina asked first! Keep reading to see the moment she said yes! These […]

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These two look familiar! Ashlyn and Brandon’s Maui couples portrait was a special occasion for us at Karma Hill Photography! Ashlyn is actually one of our lead photographers and has worked with us for over a year now! Sadly they are moving back home to Colorado, so we wanted to extend our gratitude by photographing […]

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Last week it was to our delight to capture Emily and Alexander’s Maui couples portrait! They couldn’t have asked for a better day! Our beautiful newlyweds basked in the sunlight and salty ocean breeze at the start of their new chapter together! Take a peek at our favorite highlights below from their Maui couples portrait […]

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