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To photograph families with babies, we have to be on our toes, super flexible, and ready to snap each sweet expression. These moments are fleeting, and our job is to capture not only the baby’s one-of-a-kind sweetness, but also the parents’ emotions. There’s nothing like these months with a baby.

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Time reveals all, and Kandi and Scott are more in love than ever after 5 years of married life! With our sister company, Simple Maui Wedding, we coordinated their beautiful elopement in 2018, and now we are so happy to capture their Maui couples portrait! They were so excited to be back on Maui after […]

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With a baby on the way, the Halawehs were so excited about their Maui family portrait session! And it was also their 7th anniversary to boot! They will be welcoming their son Julian soon, and they wanted to remember this special family moment by booking a portrait session on the beach. Keep scrolling to see […]

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The Lightfoot family has a special place in their hearts for the Hawaiian Islands. They have been visiting the islands for over 20 years! So we were delighted to welcome them back for a Maui family portrait! And more importantly, to celebrate their 50th anniversary – what a milestone! They were overjoyed to share this […]

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It was a beautiful morning at the beach when the Johnsons arrived for their Maui family portrait session! Our sweet family, hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, was on a special vacation to celebrate a milestone: their 10th wedding anniversary! And what’s even more remarkable is that they got married right on this very beach! It truly […]

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Fifteen years and counting for these love birds! Bryan and Allie recently celebrated their 15th anniversary, and it was our pleasure to photograph their Maui couple’s portrait! They are more in love than ever, as you’ll see in these beautiful photos below… Our lovely couple has been to Maui before, but they wanted to remember […]

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This lovely family has a lot to celebrate! To commemorate their 20th anniversary, Brandi and Brett wanted to capture their Maui family portrait on their tropical holiday! Thrilled to be in Hawaii for the first time, the Bakers were anxious to explore and create new family memories on Maui. Please keep reading to see peeks […]

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Now it’s time to share a preview of the Swope’s Maui family portraits! This group looked so lovely on Lahaina’s scenic shores, and the sunset was serene and colorful. But don’t take our word for it — see for yourself here!

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For the Sapp family, it’s the little moments that mean the most. They’re a bright, beautiful crew from Arizona who had the best time on their vacation, and capturing their Kauai Family photography was a joy!

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Maui couples photographer

We are so honored that Kendra & David chose us as their Maui couples photographer. These two were celebrating their five-year anniversary, and their love shines through every image. 

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Maui couples photography is about bringing out the best in a couple and documenting their unique personalities in a beautiful setting. 

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Last week, we had the pleasure of joining Nina and Byron at the beautiful seaside to capture their Maui anniversary portraits. These photos are romantic, dreamy, and intimate! Most importantly, they reflect our charming pair’s unforgettable getaway. In every shot, you can tell they’re savoring the memories they make on the beach! Keep scrolling to see […]

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In 2015, Fonnetta and Michael visited Hawaii for the first time. Then the beach has a special place in Fonnetta’s heart! Our charming couple knew the island would be the perfect place to commemorate their love and create new memories. While they were here, we took some Maui anniversary portraits for them! This collection is only a […]

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Ten years of marriage is a significant milestone to reach. Christopher and Lyudmila wanted to commemorate this occasion in a beautiful location with the ones who matter the most! Not only did they renew their vows on the island, but they also took some beautiful Maui anniversary portraits! This collection is captivating — they will look […]

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Sheila and Amir were looking forward to capturing their youthful energy on the shores of DT Fleming Beach. Their Maui anniversary portraits photographer, Tenessa, effortlessly did this! In every shot, we captured their captivating smiles and lighthearted expressions. Not to mention, you can tell our gorgeous duo is enjoying their romantic getaway! Continue scrolling to see these […]

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Whenever you reach a milestone in your relationship, you should always make big plans to celebrate. For Savannah and Will, they decided to take a trip to Hawaii to commemorate ten beautiful years of marriage! During their getaway, we captured their Maui anniversary portraits. The location was scenic, the sun’s rays were bright, and our delightful […]

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Tracie and James were looking forward to getting some romantic beach photos during their first trip to Hawaii! While the soft sunset painted the sky, we captured their Maui anniversary portraits on the shores of Southside Beach. These pictures are dreamy, intimate, and enchanting, so keep scrolling to see them for yourself! Southside Beach was the location […]

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Amanda and Thad wanted to remember their Hawaiian getaway, so they took Maui anniversary portraits. Last Friday, we met up with this beautiful couple on the shores of Ironwoods Beach and captured remarkable moments from their vacation! We have no doubts these photos will remind them of the incredible memories they made on the island. Continue […]

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Anniversaries are monumental milestones for every relationship! Whether it’s your first or tenth, you should commemorate as if it’s your wedding day. For Donovan and Alex, they got breathtaking Maui anniversary portraits to celebrate ten delightful years together. Continue scrolling to see these fun pictures for yourself! We love how gorgeous these Just Maui’d jackets are! You […]

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Getting married is something you’ll cherish forever! When the big day arrives, you’ll want to remember every moment that made it so special. Even though it was Shayda and Brian’s first anniversary, they are shining as if it was their wedding day! Scroll down to see their Maui couples portraits for yourself. The Maui Couples Portraits Originally […]

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