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May 21, 2021

Love and Sunlight – Andi & Andrew’s Maui Engagement Portraits


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

When it comes to Andi and Andrew’s Maui Engagement Portraits, the third time’s the charm! Engaged on Christmas day, these two lovebirds have been waiting for the moment to celebrate their big news with a Hawaii vacation and gorgeous photos to document their huge step. After two reschedules, we were thrilled to finally meet up with Andi and Andrew and help them capture this important milestone with beautiful images. 

Maui Engagement Portraits
sweet photos of a couple embracing and touching foreheads on maui beach
Maui Engagement Portraits
couple holds hands in front of rustic beach
Maui Engagement Portraits

The Maui Engagement Portraits

Our session began on the wild shore of DT Fleming. Located on the west coast and surrounded by lush jungles, this beach is the perfect spot for backdrops that showcase the rustic side of the island. We loved the simple and laidback styles Andi and Andrew sported and couldn’t resist playing with the dramatic flow of Andi’s coral shawl. Casual day at the beach meets simply stunning. 

Couples Portraits on Maui
Maui Engagement Portraits

Following our stroll along the shore, we ventured beneath the dense canopy of Honolua Jungle. With ancient trees and magical lighting, this location is almost as lovely as our couple. After an outfit change, Andi and Andrew enjoyed their time in the jungle, listening to the birds and feeling the soft breezes as we clicked away. They were naturals in front of the camera!

Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits

Our Couple’s Story

Andrew knew he wanted to propose to Andi on Christmas day, but because of the pandemic, the jewelry store was only allowing deliveries via truck. He tried his best to keep Andi distracted as he waited for the package to arrive. She thought he was crazy since he kept obsessively looking outside and then closing the blinds whenever she approached! But what could he possibly say to her if she noticed the armored truck?!

At last, Andrew pulled it off, and Andi’s answer was a resounding “Yes!” Together they have a four-year-old Blue Heeler named Bella Blue who they absolutely adore. Keep scrolling for more!  

Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits

Congratulations, Andi and Andrew! We had a joy working with you to capture your Maui engagement portraits! We wish you only the best in the years ahead!


Time of Day: Morning

Maui Portrait Location: DT Fleming Beach and Honolua Jungle

Maui Couples Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill Photography

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