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October 26, 2023

Birthday Vacation – The Becker’s Big Island Family Portrait


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Today, we have the pleasure of sharing the heartwarming story of the Becker family’s grand adventure on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. With Pirin’s 40th birthday approaching and their kids, Miles and Shae, both celebrating October birthdays, this family vacation was truly a celebration of love, milestones, and the magic of Hawaii.

Stepping foot on the island for the very first time, the Becker family was filled with excitement and wonder. For Brandon and Pirin, high-school sweethearts who had journeyed through life together, this vacation held special significance. It had been a few years since they last had a family photo session, and they were thrilled to capture updated photos amidst the stunning scenery of their vacation paradise. So, let’s see more of their Big Island family portrait!

big island family portrait

October Birthdays

On a gorgeous evening at Old Kona Airport Beach, the energy of anticipation filled the air. The Becker family couldn’t contain their excitement as they gathered on the sandy shores, ready to immortalize this precious moment in time. The water shimmered with a deep blue hue, mirroring the joy and excitement that radiated from each family member’s smile.

For the Becker family, this Big Island family portrait session meant so much more than just capturing beautiful images. It was a celebration of their love, their unity, and the memories they have forged together. As the sun began its descent, casting a golden glow, the magic of the island surrounded them, creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment. The Beckers were an absolute delight to work with, their happiness evident in every frame. Our lovely family donned orchid leis and kukui nut leis, embracing the aloha spirit, while the light filtered through the swaying palm trees, casting a stunning natural spotlight on their love and bond.

big island family portrait
big island family portrait
big island family portrait
big island family portrait
big island family portrait
big island family portrait

But the true magic happened as the sun kissed the horizon, turning the sky into a breathtaking masterpiece of orange and purple hues. The Becker family stood hand in hand, basking in the beauty of the moment as if time itself paused to honor the moment!

big island family portrait
big island family portrait

As the evening came to a close, the Becker family felt a sense of fulfillment and gratitude. They had captured not only beautiful images but also the essence of their love and connection. These photographs would serve as cherished reminders of their magical vacation and the moments shared before Shae embarks on her college journey.

big island family portrait
big island family portrait
big island family portrait

Happiest of birthdays! We hope you had so much fun exploring the Big Island for the first time! May you always carry the aloha spirit in your hearts wherever you go! Mahalo!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Big Island Family Portrait: Pomaikai of Karma Hill Photography

Big Island Portrait Location: Old Kona Airport Beach

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