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March 3, 2020

Together With Turquoise – Burtons’ Family Photography on Oahu


Last Updated on July 28, 2023 by Karma Hill

The Burtons’ Family Photography on Oahu was filled with happy faces and an endless sea of turquoise. Waimanalo beach really showed off her blues the morning of our Hawaii family portrait session! And to complement the ocean, the Burtons highlighted their style in tones of dusky rose, classic black & white, and a pop of floral prints.

Mom and Dad are celebrating a big 10 year anniversary and felt that it was the perfect time to commemorate the occasion with a set of whimsical and fun family photos! It was truly our pleasure to capture these sweet smiles against the gorgeous Oahu shoreline!

Family Photography on Oahu
Photography on Oahu
kids photographer on Oahu

How cute are these three? Grace was the sweetest girl, full of smiles and silliness. And Erika was the Big Sis everyone dreams of having, full of spunk and always ready to help out a sib in need.

Meanwhile, Carter is the shy one of the bunch… but, boy, can this guy paddleboard! And every now and then, he let one of his charming smiles slip by and we happily clicked away!

Family Photography on Oahu
oahu beach portraits
oahu family portraits

Are the kids rocking this portrait thing, or what? How much personality and sweetness can be captured in one little photo? Judging from this capture, an endless amount! Which one is the cutest?… trick question, they ALL are!

Family Photography on Oahu

Like father, like son. This duo is all shades of handsome against the glistening seascape.

family portraits on oahu
Family Photography on Oahu

Honest smiles, a beautiful family, and a breathtaking ocean view… can family portraits on Oahu get much better than this? We hope this sweet crew has enough frames for all these gorgeous faces!

portrait packages on oahu
Family Photography on Oahu

Mahalo nui loa, Burton Family, for sharing your magical selves with us! We had a blast capturing your Family Photography on Oahu and wish you all the smiles in the years ahead!

Session Details

Time of day: Morning

Oahu Family photos: Megan of Karma Hill Photography

Maui Portrait Location: Waimanalo Beach, Oahu

Do you love the bright tropical vibes of their portrait session? Check out this beautiful Oahu family portraits on our blog here: https://karmahill.com/wada-mongs-oahu-family-portraits/.

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