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October 27, 2023

Moving On – Caitlyn’s Big Island Senior Portrait


In the golden glow of the Hawaiian sun, Caitlyn and her family gathered on the beach, not just for a Big Island senior portrait but a beautiful family memory. The session was more than just a photoshoot; it was a celebration of their time on the Big Island before their upcoming move to Las Vegas, marking the end of an era and the beginning of new adventures!

big island senior portrait

A Special Place In Our Hearts

Dressed in vibrant aloha and beachy attire, the family radiated happiness as they basked in the love and warmth that surrounded them. Mauna Lani Beach, a place filled with cherished memories, was the perfect backdrop for their family portrait. As the camera clicked, it captured their smiles and the essence of their family love – an ohana that will always call Hawaii home!

As they posed for the camera, it was evident that this family was not just saying goodbye to the Big Island but also embracing the new chapter that awaited them. The session was a testament to their love for each other. Moreover, it shows their ability to find joy in every moment, even amidst bittersweet farewells!

big island senior portrait
big island senior portrait

This session marked a significant milestone for Caitlyn as she looked forward to her senior year and the adventures it would bring. The excitement of the upcoming year shone in her eyes. It reflects the promise of a bright future during her Big Island senior portrait session. The morning light danced around them, casting a soft, ethereal glow, adding to the moment’s beauty.

girl on beach
big island senior portrait
big island senior portrait
big island senior portrait
big island senior portrait
big island senior portrait
girl on beach
big island senior portrait
big island senior portrait
big island senior portrait
big island senior portrait

To Caitlyn, we wish you all the best in your senior year and the exciting journey that lies ahead. May the love and support of your family continue to light your way, no matter where life takes you. Here’s to new beginnings and the wonderful memories that await in Las Vegas!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Big Island Family Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill Photography

Big Island Portrait Location: Mauna Lani Beach

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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Oahu wedding. Karma writes about weddings and photography in Hawaii.

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