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March 11, 2021

So Much More – Chase & Kalli’s Wedding Photography in Maui


Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Karma Hill

All Kalli wanted for her Big Day was a pretty dress and pretty flowers, and it just goes to show that being flexible and grateful pays off, because she got so much MORE! Spectacular lighting, kind weather, and an easy-going couple made for unparalleled Wedding Photography in Maui!

Wedding Photography in Maui

Chase and Kalli’s wedding took place on the grassy knoll outside of Gannon’s Restaurant in the Wailea Golf Club. The guests soaked in the spectacular panoramic view of Maui’s south shore until it was time to take in an even more beautiful view–Chase and Kalli joining their lives together.

wedding at Gannon's restaurant
Wedding Photography in Maui

The Wedding Photography in Maui Location

Gannon’s Restaurant sits on the southern side of Mt. Haleakala and features an unbeatable view of the Wailea shoreline. Chase and Kalli let Mother Nature do the decorating, adding just a spray of petals over the aisle and a wedding arbor draped in white cloth and blooms of flowers to match Kalli’s bouquet. One of the best perks about this Maui Wedding Venue is the onsight reception hall that features plenty of seating and a stone-laid dance floor. (Scroll for a peek at Chase and Kalli’s first dance as a married couple!)

bride and groom under arch with ocean in the background

Our Couple

Chase and Kalli reside in Utah with their sweet furbaby, Ollie Dingo. They love traveling and “everything outdoors,” which we’re sure includes outdoor weddings! Our couple kept the ceremony intimate with just a small group of friends and family. Even the wedding team was comprised of friends and family! Sister Chelsie coordinated the wedding and a member of the party, Alan, officiated! 

close up of bride and groom holding hands
groom's face as bride share's her vows
Wedding Photography in Maui
Wedding at Gannon's restaurant
Wedding Photography in Maui
weddings at Gannon's restaurant
Wedding Photography in Maui

What They Wore

Kalli embodied all the spunky glam with a boho lace gown complete with a cathedral-length train and figure-flattering halter. Paired with a classic low bun and delicate accessories, this bride is front and center! Pulling it all together, an elegant yet lively bouquet designed by Fernhouse Flowers brings flashes of color and texture that match Kalli’s fun and genuine personality. 

Chase sported a non-traditional corduroy suit in a shade of camel that popped against the scenery and looked spectacular in front of the setting sun. 

bride and groom walking away from the camera and holding hands on a beach in hawaii
long shot of a bride and groom on maui beach
just married couple dance on a maui beach
Wedding Photography in Maui
bride and groom embrace on a beach in hawaii
Wedding Photography in Maui
black and white image of bride and groom kissing on maui beach
Hawaii wedding photography
Hawaii elopement photography
Wedding Photography in Maui
camel colored groom suite and boho bridal dress with peony flower bouquet
bride in a halter boho dress with long trail on hawaii beach
Wedding Photography in Maui
Hawaii wedding photography
Wedding Photography in Maui
Hawaii wedding photography
Hawaii wedding photography
Hawaii venue wedding photography
close up of camel colored groom suit
Hawaii wedding photography
Wedding Photography in Maui

As we tied up Chase and Kalli’s Wedding Photography in Maui, the rain let down and made for dynamic sunset shots! 

Wedding Photography in Maui
Hawaii venue wedding photography, Gannon's restaurant

Thank you, Chase and Kalli, for choosing us to capture your Wedding Photography in Maui. It was amazing spending the day with you and your family. We wish you only the best in the years ahead!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photographer: Karma from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Wedding Venue: Gannon’s Grassy Knoll with beach portraits at White Rock

Wedding Florals: Fernhouse Flowers

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