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August 16, 2022

All Eyes On Me – Emily’s Oahu Senior Portraits


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Emily and her loved ones were visiting Hawaii for the third time from New Jersey! Every time they vacation here, they adore it here more than before. During this vacation, they arranged an Oahu senior portraits session for Emily. This young lady is a senior in high school and will be graduating in 2023! Since she’s nearing a new beginning, her family wanted to ensure she’d remember this beautiful time. Above all, we know she’ll love looking back at these photos in the future!

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Oahu senior portrait photographers
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Initially, this was going to be a family photo shoot. However, our delightful group decided to let this time be all about Emily! You can tell our future graduate was savoring this moment; she shined gorgeously throughout her senior portrait session. First, she was natural in front of the camera! You can see how comfortable she was in every pose she did. Then she smiled elegantly — we loved seeing her share a few laughs with us. Most importantly, we could tell Emily was having fun!

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Oahu Beach Portrait Locations
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The Confident Oahu Senior Portraits

In addition, Emily dressed perfectly for these portraits! Her light blue dress is airy and chic. We love how gracefully it flows with her in every shot. Not to mention, this delicate shade complements the warm tones of the seaside around her. Then her hair and makeup are sleek and simple — they pair flawlessly with her beachy attire.

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There are many breathtaking backdrops at Paradise Cove Beach, and Emily took advantage of every single one! Our stunning senior sat in the sand, walked along the shoreline, and dipped her feet in the water. Then toward the end of the session, she sat on one of the rocky surfaces. We adore this background because you see the lofty palm trees, dramatic mountains, and cerulean waves!

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photographers oahu
oahu Photography

Congratulations, Emily! Thank you for sharing this unforgettable time with us. We wish you a successful future and all the best as you transition to your new beginning!

Oahu Senior Portraits – Session Details

Time of Day: Morning

Oahu Portrait Location: Paradise Cove Beach

Oahu Senior Portraits: Megan from Karma Hill Photography

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