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July 30, 2023

Love Reigns – Hayley & Matthew’s Big Island Wedding Photography


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Hayley and Matt’s Big Island wedding photography captured the essence of love, adventure, and the natural beauty of Hawaii. These two lovebirds began their greatest adventure yet!

Our sweet couple has a unique story. They first met while working together in the ER at their local hospital back in 2018. After years of friendship, they decided to take their relationship to the next level. In December of 2022, they welcomed their first son, who has brought immense joy to their lives!

As an active and adventurous family, Matt and Hayley enjoy various outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and snowboarding in the mountains during winter. They cherish spending quality time with their two big fluffy dogs and working on projects around their house. But this day was their day to celebrate their love, and we are so honored to have captured their big day!

big island wedding photography
wedding ceremony
big island wedding photography
happy couple

Nature’s Blessing

Their simple beach wedding took place at Kohanaiki Beach, where simplicity and elegance blended effortlessly. The Big Island wedding photography showcased the island’s breathtaking scenery, including the majestic lava rocks and mesmerizing tide pools.

Even though rain unexpectedly showered down during their ceremony, it only added to the magical atmosphere. It’s amazing how rain can create unique and stunning photo opportunities! Despite the weather, Hayley and Matt continued to smile brightly, embracing the moment with grace and joy.

The rain brought with it a touch of romance and beauty, culminating in a magnificent rainbow that painted the sky. These unexpected elements added an extra layer of enchantment to their special day, making it truly unforgettable. The new Mr. & Mrs. playfully jumped into the water, radiating romance and a glowing aura…

big island wedding photography
big island wedding photography
happy couple
big island wedding photography

How romantic are these portraits? After the rain passed, the sky opened up to a golden, pastel sky…it was incredible! Often the rainiest and cloudiest of skies can create the most stunning of sunsets…The way the light reflects on the black lava rocks and glittering water looks heavenly, don’t you think? Just WOW!

Hayley and Matt’s Big Island wedding photography perfectly encapsulates their love, friendship, and ability to find beauty in every situation. They clearly love having fun together and are the best of friends! Their photographs are a testament to their unwavering happiness and the start of their next adventure!

big island wedding photography
sunset wedding
sunset portrait
big island wedding photography
newlyweds in hawaii
big island wedding photography
big island wedding photography
big island wedding photography
big island wedding photography
hawaii wedding photography

Congratulations, Hayley and Matt! Mahalo for having a go-with-the-flow attitude and embracing the beauty of the island (and its unpredictability!) But we think these photos turned out more magnificent than we could ever planned with nature’s hand! May your journey together be filled with countless adventures and everlasting love!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Big Island Wedding Photographer: Pomaika’i of Karma Hill Photography

Big Island Wedding Location: Kohanaiki Beach

Officiant: Friend of Couple

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