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November 18, 2022

By Your Side – Heather & Greg’s Maui Wedding Photography


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

We were beyond pleased to share Heather and Greg’s recent Maui wedding photography! Their amazing day began right on the beach with their “first look”… it was an intimate moment for Heather and Greg before their ceremony and festivities began! Let’s see how the moment unfolded and the rest of their spectacular day!

maui venue wedding
first look in maui
wedding in maui

The look on Greg’s face was priceless when he saw his beautiful bride Heather! She looks radiant in her lace gown…it was a surreal moment as they were soon-to-be husband and wife! The weather was divine for our beautiful couple’s Maui wedding photography with gentle waves and a light breeze in the palm trees at Southside Beach…the turquoise water was incredibly clear!

wedding on beach
newlyweds in maui
bride and groom in maui
bride and groom
happy newlyweds
newlyweds on beach
happy bride and groom on beach
bride and groom on beach
happy couple on beach
newlyweds on beach
bride and groom on beach
bride and groom on beach
happy couple
maui beach wedding

Their guests were eagerly waiting to see our charming couple, but first, they wanted to take a few portraits with their beautiful girls, Alexis and Karli! Heather is an amazing stepmom and wanted them to be a part of these special moments before the ceremony!

bride and groom with daughters
bride and groom with kids
bride and groom on beach

Now it was time for their Maui wedding photography to commence! Greg was joined by his sweet girls to wait at the stunning floral arch for his beautiful bride!

gannon's wedding
gannons wedding
maui wedding photography
gannons wedding in maui
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography

With the deep blue ocean in the distance, our lovely couple exchanged their personal vows…they couldn’t have asked for a better day! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky… The floral arch was the gorgeous backdrop for these precious moments!

floral arch
maui wedding photography
gannons wedding
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography

This floral arch was stunning! The pastel colored blooms were breathaking next to our happy newlyweds! The vibrant scenery of their ceremony created a beautiful contrast in their photos…

maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography

Mahalo to Heather and Greg for choosing Karma Hill Photography for your Maui wedding! It was an incredible day and we wish you both all the happiness and love in your next chapter together!


Time of Day: Morning

Maui Wedding Photography: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Wedding Venue: Gannon’s

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