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September 19, 2022

As the Clouds Clear – Jonathan & Kristen’s Maui Proposal Photography


When Jonathan began planning his proposal to Kristen, he thought of everything: a scenic location, the perfect words, and amazing Maui proposal photography. These two are so in love, Kristen would have said “yes” to marrying him anywhere. But now they have this incredible memory to carry with them throughout their life together, plus the photos to go along with it!

We’re so lucky we got to be a part of this Hawaii surprise proposal, and we’re excited to share these images!

Maui Proposal Photography

What’s Worth Waiting For

It was a rainy day at Makena Cove, something that threatened all our carefully-laid plans. But Jonathan was determined to make his proposal amazing for Kristen, and we were more than happy to wait for the perfect moment. 

Like any stylish, relaxed vacationer, Kristen wondered why they needed to go to this beach at this time. After all, it was rainy, the tide was high, and evening was drawing near. 

Little did she know this is one of Hawaii’s most romantic beaches, and the sunsets here are incredible, especially after the rain. And Jonathan had their Maui proposal photography ready to go. All he needed to do was lure his beloved onto the shoreline and ask her the big question. 

Fate intervened, and Kristen arrived to the rain-kissed tide, where Jonathan asked her the most joyous and romantic question. 

It ended up being picture-perfect, the kind of moment we live for, and something these two will always treasure. 

Maui Proposal Photography

All About Maui Proposal Photography

When you book Karma Hill Photography for your proposal, you’ll get an entire experience. After all, there’s more to the proposal than the moment you ask the question. 

We’ll help create a plan so that you can pick a perfect location and get the timing just right. Your photographer can stay hidden to avoid any suspicion, just like we did for Jonathan & Kristen. And we’ll stick around afterward, so you can get a collection of engagement portraits that tell the full story of your proposal. 

We had so much fun capturing Jonathan & Kristen’s Maui Proposal Photography. They’re such a photogenic and lively couple, and their new status as *engaged couple* had them completely glowing. 

As the rain cleared and the setting sun broke through the pastel skies, Jonathan & Kristen got a glimpse into their future: inevitable rain clouds and high tides, but a light at the end of it, and beauty through all of it. 

Karma Hill Photography proposal
Maui Proposal Photography
Maui Proposal Photography
Maui Proposal Photography
Maui Proposal Photography
Maui Proposal Photography
Maui Proposal Photography
Maui Proposal Photography
Maui Proposal Photography
Maui Proposal Photography
Maui Proposal Photography

Congratulations, Jonathan & Kristen! We loved every minute of your Hawaii proposal, and we can’t wait to see what beautiful things the future has in store for you!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Proposal Package: Karma Hill Photography

Proposal in Maui location: Makena Cove

Maui Proposal Photographer: Vanessa from Karma Hill Photography

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