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September 6, 2022

Place of Joy – Julianna & Sandor’s Oahu Wedding Photography

Oahu Wedding Photography


Last week we met Julianna & Sandor on the calm, scenic shores of Paradise Cove Beach and captured their Oahu Wedding Photography. It was a beautiful evening full of love and laughter, and we’re delighted we could be a part of this incredible memory. 

Now it’s time to share some of their wedding photography. Ahead, we’ll share some beautiful images and a little more about what made this wedding so special!

Oahu Wedding Photography
Oahu Wedding Photography by Karma Hill Photography

A Family Vacation and a Wedding Getaway

There were two very special guests at this Hawaii Wedding: Julianna & Sandor’s daughters. Emily & Bella were having the time of their lives during their vacation. The family stayed at Disney’s Aulani Resort and took a break from the sun and fun for this heartfelt ceremony and Oahu Wedding Photography.

Julianna & Sandor found the perfect balance between romance and family. They were so focused on the ceremony and their vows, yet they also had a go-with-the-flow attitude that allowed them to have a good time with their two sweet guests.

Keep scrolling to see how Emma and Bella not only got to change clothes for some of their portrait session, but also were free to splash about while Julianna & Sandor enjoyed a sunset stroll on the beach!

Oahu Wedding Photography
Oahu Wedding Photography
Oahu Wedding Photography with kids
Oahu Wedding Photography
Oahu Wedding Photography
Oahu Wedding Photography at Ko Olina
Ko Olina Oahu Wedding Photography

A Ko Olina Wedding

Ko Olina is a resort area outside of Honolulu. It means place of joy, so it’s naturally an idyllic spot to get married and capture Oahu Wedding Photography. Julianna & Sandor walked from the Aulani to Paradise Cove Beach, a calm and scenic area with great sunset views. 

Now that they’ve become husband and wife on the shores of Ko Olina, they’ll carry that joy with them wherever they go. And we hope that as their life’s journey continues, they’ll find their way back to Oahu again and again!

Cute Oahu Wedding Photography with kids
Romantic Oahu Wedding Photography
Oahu Wedding Photography
Oahu Wedding Photography

Congratulations, Julianna & Sandor! We are so happy we got to be a part of your Oahu beach wedding — Mahalo for choosing us as your Oahu photographer!

Oahu Wedding Photography – Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Oahu Beach Wedding Location: Paradise Cove Secret Beach

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Pinky from Karma Hill Photography

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