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December 28, 2020

Friends to Forever – Madison & Austin’s Maui Wedding Photography


Madison and Austin have known each other from a very young age. They always had an undeniable connection and friendship and as they grew older they just grew closer and closer. This is a true definition of soul mates and these two were lucky enough to find each other early on in life. Many people spend a lifetime trying to find a love like this it was wonderful to have the opportunity to capture their Maui wedding photography.

We feel so blessed to have met Madison and Austin on this big step in their lives when they shared their commitment to each other during their Maui wedding. After meeting them and spending time with them we truly believe that love knows no age!! Check out their Maui wedding photos below and see just what we mean!

Maui Wedding Photography
Maui Wedding Photographer
Maui Wedding Photographers
Maui Venue Wedding Photographer
Maui Venue Wedding Photographers

We began documenting their special day at the bridal suite at Steeple House. It offered a private setting for Madison to slip into her dress and reflect on the moment she’d been waiting for. We snagged a couple shots of Austin prior to the wedding and we just love his classic black and white tuxedo and look.

Maui Venue Wedding Photography
Maui Wedding
Maui Weddings
hawaii bride and groom

Shortly after they stepped outside to the beautiful setup just out front of Steeple House. This spot highlights a secluded yet picturesque setting for our bride and groom. Their ceremony was officiated by Reverend Joe and then they were off to celebrate with family portraits and then couples portraits! You don’t want to miss all the gorgeousness in the pictures below so keep scrolling!!!

steeple house wedding venue
hawaii wedding lei exchange
lei exchange at wedding
steeple house wedding view
reading wedding vows

Madison & Austin shared their own personal vows with each other. They were so heartfelt and you could see and feel Madison tearing up with happiness. You could see just how much love and admiration Madison has for her husband and family. Austin’s mom was tearing up in the ceremony as well and you could just see how filled she was with joy that her son was marrying his best friend and partner for life.

ring exchange photos
wedding venue - The steeple house
hawaii wedding kiss
hawaii wedding with minister
just married
venue wedding
hawaii wedding party
hawaii venue wedding photos
maui venue wedding

Madison & Austin were the sweetest couple! She radiated with the love she received from Austin. You could tell he doted on her with everything he had and loved her deeply. And the same went for Madison and the love she felt for Austin.

wedding at the steeple house in Maui
Steeple House wedding Maui, Hawaii
just maui'd
husband and wife
hawaii wedding

We explored the top of the cliffs and Madison was the most easy going bride letting the train of her dress get dirty and embracing the adventurous landscape Ironwoods has to offer. We know they will love their timeless wedding photos that will speak wonders of their love for generations to come!

secret wedding photos
beautiful hawaii bride
wedding in hawaii
hawaii bride and groom
Maui wedding
Maui bride photos
hawaii wedding photography
wedding portraits
wedding photography in Maui, Hawaii
Ironwoods Maui wedding photos
hawaii wedding photography
Maui wedding photographers

Mahalo Madison & Austin for allowing us to be a part of your special day! We hope that you enjoyed everything about it and we look forward to seeing you in the future!!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Venue: The Steeple House

Maui Wedding Planner: Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Aysha of Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Photographer: Tenessa of Karma Hill Photography

Maui Minister: Reverend Joe

Wedding Floral: Pastel Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet by Dellables

Wedding Videographer: All Time Media

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