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If you are looking for inspiration for your high school seniors portraits in Maui, Hawaii you have come to the perfect location. View our entire collection of Maui Senior portraits taken at locations all over Maui at some of the islands most breathtaking back drops. 

Find the perfect location to suit your personality to create one of the most unique senior portrait experiences available. Find more senior portrait information on our main page here: Maui Senior Portraits

David’s Maui senior portrait session wasn’t just a photo shoot; it was a celebration of milestones, memories, and the exciting future ahead. As a tradition, David and his family, along with about ten other families, have made the annual pilgrimage to Hawaii for spring break. This year was particularly special as it marked the culmination […]

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As the golden hues of a Maui sunset painted the sky, Ramsey found himself at the cusp of an exciting new chapter in his life. Ramsey is looking forward to graduation and can’t wait! Ramsey’s Maui senior portrait session was nothing short of beautiful and special. It captured the essence of a young individual on […]

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Raely Jean’s Maui senior portrait session on the beach was a celebration of joy, aspirations, and the vibrant energy of a bright future. As a resident of Kihei, Raely Jean has her sights set on an exciting journey post-graduation from Maui High. With plans to enroll in EMT training courses and eventually venture into nursing, […]

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Nothing says optimism about the future than a Maui senior portrait! We were delighted to capture Skylar’s senior portrait to commemorate the next chapter in her life. As you can imagine, Skylar is so excited about her future and so ready to take on her senior year! Our bright young lady wore and brought her […]

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Melia was on vacation with her family in Hawaii and had the best of times! While enjoying the last of her summer vacation, the golden shore and beachy vibe were the perfect backdrop for some Maui senior portraits! Our sweet girl is really excited about her future and can’t wait for what’s next. It was […]

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The future looks bright for Brianna, our soon-to-be grad! She wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery on her recent family vacation to capture her Maui senior portrait! We were so happy to capture this milestone moment in her life’s journey. What made her portrait session even more special was Brianna’s enthusiasm for her […]

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“I love Hawaii and want to move here someday for a year or so,” Hadley told us before her Maui senior portrait session! Since she was little, she has been coming to Hawaii for years with her family. Since she’s about to start her senior year, she thought this family vacation would be the perfect […]

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We could feel Ava’s excitement about her upcoming graduation during her Maui senior portrait session with us! Our happy girl brought her best for our photographer first thing in the morning. She was on vacation with her family and thought, why not take some amazing portraits here? These will portraits will stand out from the […]

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Mackenzie, our beautiful soon-to-be senior, was so excited about her Maui senior portrait session with us! She was on vacation from Arizona with her parents, who were so proud of her and all she has accomplished. This is one of life’s milestones, and we were honored to capture some incredible portraits for our girl, who […]

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Looking to have the best pictures in your senior class? Chloe, a senior in high school, had the right idea! She is lucky enough to be spending some time there with her family and thought, why not take this as the perfect opportunity to mark this milestone in her life? So, she was excited for […]

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Hello, summer! To kick off the summer vacation, we were delighted to capture Kariann’s Maui senior portrait session! It was a fun celebration of her upcoming graduation, and while on vacation, she saw this as a perfect opportunity to capture some beautiful and memorable portraits. Her family is so proud of her! Kariann chose a […]

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Atley’s Maui senior portrait session was a fun and lighthearted celebration of her upcoming graduation! While on vacation, she saw this as a perfect opportunity to capture some beautiful and memorable senior portraits that she could cherish forever. Her family is so proud of her, and they couldn’t wait to see the stunning photos! We […]

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Summer is almost here, which means it’s graduation season! Our sweet girl Madison wanted to capture a Maui senior portrait session, captured amidst a beautiful family vacation! Madison’s family is incredibly proud of her, and they wanted to take advantage of this special time together to capture some memories that she will cherish for years […]

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We are so excited to share the beautiful Maui family portrait session of the Poche’s! They were thrilled to be in Hawaii and wanted to capture some stunning family memories they can cherish forever. And since it’s graduation season, they figured why not capture some beautiful senior portraits of their lovely daughter, Gracie, for her […]

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Amelia’s Maui senior portrait session embodies her bright and happy personality! It is a celebration of her bright future and all the hard work she has put in to get there. With the love and support of her family by her side, Amelia is ready to take on the world! Curious to see more of […]

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Lowe’s Maui senior portrait was a magical occasion filled with tropical beauty and a lot of love. The lush jungle of Honolua was the perfect setting for a dreamy photo session, with its gorgeous banyan trees, verdant foliage, and stunning light filtering through the big leaves. Lowe is graduating from Waldorf and heading off to […]

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With graduation season upon us, we were delighted to capture Zea’s Maui senior portrait! Our bright young lady gathered with her family to celebrate her senior year on their recent vacation. She was all smiles and filled with excitement for the journey ahead and couldn’t have been happier about having the chance to spend time […]

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Kassie’s Maui senior portrait was a fun and lively session that perfectly reflected her enthusiasm for the next chapter of her life! She brought some Texas spirit to the beach with her cowboy boots, ready to take on whatever comes her way! Even with the early morning hour, Kassie’s energy was vibrant and alive. She […]

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As graduation season approaches, Callie, a soon-to-be graduate, decided to take her celebration to the tropics by heading to Maui with her mom on a girl’s trip. While exploring the island, she wanted to have her Maui senior portraits taken to commemorate this exciting time in her life. We can safely assume she will have […]

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Recently, we captured Makayla’s Maui senior portrait, which will be a beautiful reminder of this special time in her life! She stood confidently in front of our camera; her bright smile and sparkling eyes radiated joy and excitement! She certainly has a bright future ahead…keep reading to see how her portraits turned out! So for […]

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