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October 22, 2019

Venue Elopement ~ Katharina & Oliver’s Maui Wedding Photography

Maui Wedding Photography

This couple kept their ceremony intimate with no guests, but they still wanted a venue wedding which made for beautiful Maui Wedding Photography! I mean just check out that view overlooking the ocean. And with a bamboo arch set up, these two were ready to say “I do” in paradise!

Katharina and Oliver were both born in Germany. Oliver grew up and lived in Honhardt, Germany until almost 3 years ago when he moved with Katharina to Kentucky. She moved to the Untiled States as a teenager and stayed except for a couple of years in between that she spent in Germany, which is when these two met!

The Story of Katharina & Oliver

Oliver is a passionate soccer fan and used to play for his hometown team. Honhardt is a small town, and except for a small place where the youth gathers (Jugendraum) and one large event called The Rock Weekend (back then The Beach Party) there was not much going on. So on one of Katharina’s summer breaks (which she usually spent in Germany) a close family friend, Doris, mentioned her dislike of the people our bride was associating with and jokingly advised her to get out of town and see if there weren’t any nice country boys to fall in love with. This actually ended up happening when she decided to take me to Honhardt in search of the Jugendraum!

The Jugendraum

They ended up getting completely lost and it was already dark outside when they drove up to a tiny place with 4 or 5 soccer players sitting outside having a beer. So Katharina got out and asked where on earth the Jugendraum was and they told her this was it. Doris got out of the car, grabbed her, and sat them down on the long table they were sitting at as they invited us for a beer. At the very end of this table, barely visible because it was completely dark at this point, sat Oliver. Katharina remembers being completely drawn to him as he sat there, looking all mysterious and gorgeous. They talked and an invitation to The Beach Party that following weekend was extended.

The Beach Party

Of course they went and that’s where Oliver and Katharina saw each other again and immediately connected and started dating shortly after. This all took place 13 years ago! And although they had a break when she went back to the US and he moved to South Africa, they’ve always loved each other. When Katharina was 19, she moved back to Germany and right around that time Oliver moved back from Cape Town. They ran into each other and have been together ever since!

Thank you, Katharina and Oliver, for not only sharing your wedding day with us but also sharing your beautiful love story! Taking your Maui Wedding Photography was an absolute honor. And we hope you’ll stay in touch so we can get together again 🙂 . Until then, Congratulations and Warm Aloha!


Maui Wedding Photographer: Niki of Karma Hill Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Laurie Terry of Makena Weddings

Maui Wedding Locations: Gannon’s & Po’olenalena Beach

Time of Day: Sunset

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