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October 14, 2022

Tree House for Two – Natalie & Anthony’s Maui Wedding Photography


Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Karma Hill

A lush jungle treehouse for two? Yes, please! Natalie and Anthony’s Maui wedding photography was nothing short of tropical and authentically Hawaiian. Surrounded by verdant greenery with sunlight filtering through, our lovely couple tied the knot at their dream destination in Maui. Keep reading to see some our of favorite highlights of their special day!

Maui Wedding Photography
bride dress
Maui wedding shoes
Hotel Wailea Tree House

How They Met

Natalie and Anthony’s story actually began in the workplace! Our groom knew immediately Natalie was the one – we often hear that! They had been dating for 5 years prior when Anthony romantically popped the question at home surrounded by their fuzzy family. As you can imagine, they were so excited to begin planning their Maui wedding! The couple was immediately drawn to Maui from the start as they appreciate the natural serenity of the island. Since the ambiance was especially important to them, the tropical sounds of the island were calling! You can almost hear the birdsong and waterfalls through their Maui wedding photography!

tropical wedding in maui

As nature lovers, the Tree House at Hotel Wailea was the perfect spot for our newlyweds. It has such a peaceful and tropical setting that is so private which is why it’s one of our favorite Maui wedding locations! So, Natalie and Anthony were beyond happy to make their vows and life-long commitment to each other in such a secluded setting. It truly felt like a sacred moment for our photography team too!

tropical wedding ceremony
maui wedding in jungle
wailea wedding

One thing that caught our eye was the detail of Natalie’s wedding dress! It was intricately embroidered and matched the aesthetic of the Tree House beautifully. Her bouquet was a tropical confection that smelled exquisite too. Those vibrant colors suit her don’t you think?!

It also was refreshing to see her dress in a creamy white which matched Anthony’s handsome navy suit! They were completely lost in the moment together while they shared their first dance. You can tell nothing else in the world mattered more than being present in that precious moment together!

Maui wedding cake
maui wedding venue
bride and groom in hawaii
jeep getaway maui

Married in Maui means they will need a colorful Jeep to drive off into the sunset with of course! This was such a fun detail to their day so they can now officially say “Just Maui’d!”

bride and groom in jeep
bride and groom in maui
bride and groom in maui
maui wedding in wailea
maui wedding photos

Our beautiful new couple embraced the natural landscape, sharing their first quiet moments together as husband and wife. Their Maui wedding photography feels like you are peeking into their private moments as newlyweds! We love shooting in natural environments because the photos allow for more creativity and beauty – it’s a Hawaiian wedding after all! The newlyweds wanted to soak up all the jungle atmosphere before heading down to the beach for a sunset session.

maui beach wedding
maui wedding on beach

It was a sublime evening for their sunset photo session at Southside Beach in Kihei. The soft colors were incredible and so flattering don’t you think? Our beautiful new bride and groom couldn’t have asked for a more stunning sunset. This beach is one of our top locations for sunset wedding photography as the sky rarely disappoints!

tropical bride
maui wedding photography
wedding rings maui
Maui wedding at sunset

What a way to cap off their stunning day! We wanted to extend a warm mahalo to our newlyweds Natalie and Anthony – we wish you the very best on your new life journey together!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photography: Ashlyn from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Wedding Venue: Hotel Wailea

Wedding Planner: Makena Weddings

Wedding Florals: Dellables

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