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July 28, 2020

Real Estate Photography In Maui – Make Your Listing Pop


We’re thrilled to announce that Karma Hill Photography is now offering professional Real Estate Photography in Maui! It’s time to retire those old, stale photographs and let our talented photographic team liven up your listing with our light and airy style!

We specialize in warm, inviting images — the perfect aesthetic to ensure your MLS listing or vacation rental gets the magnetic pull it deserves! Condos are our wheelhouse, and we offer packages to suit any size or need. Some of our services include:

  • Basic listing photos of both the unit and the condo grounds
  • Styling with items available in the condo unit
  • Styling with items we select and purchase for the unit
  • Referral to a drone and video professional who can match our style
  • Referral to trusted top Real Estate Agents and Vacation Rental Managers

At Karma Hill Photography, we ensure consistent quality with every image. Our company also owns a successful vacation rental condo and we have insider information on how to make your property stand out from the thousands of real estate listings in Maui. Read on for more….

real estate photography in Maui
Maui real estate listing photography

Why Our Maui Real Estate Photography?

Here’s the insider info. For real estate listings and vacation rental condos, profit-margins increase drastically for listings with gorgeous professional real estate photography. Professional photos decrease the time-on-market and increase vacation rental bookings. But don’t take our word for it.

According to Airdna.com, an Airbnb internal study found that listings with professional photography earned an average of 40% more revenue than those without.

And a Carnegie-Mellon study expanded on the research. They examined half a million images of property listings and found that 72% were “low-quality” and lacked in brightness, composition, clarity, and other high-quality parameters. The study concluded that if the image quality were optimized, each rental could potentially book an extra 60+ nights per year!

In a recent study by RIS Media, homes with high-quality photography sell up to 32% faster and homes over $200,000 sell for $3,000- $10,000 more.

Without professional Maui real estate photography, rentals and real estate listings are missing out on thousands of dollars in revenue.

maui real estate photography

Maui Real Estate Photography Packages & Add-ons

We understand that Maui condos come in all styles and conditions, so we’ll work with you to tailor your Maui Real Estate Photography to perfectly fit your needs. Our team of Maui real estate photographers will make your unit pop with high-quality vibrant images of your listings.

Basic Listing Photos Package

If your condo is spruced up and photo-ready, our “Basic Listing Photos” package is the perfect fit. With a 48-hour turnaround and 30 high-resolution images, we’ll expertly shoot your condo as-is at the competitive rate of $300 for a 1-bedroom, $400 for a 2-bedroom, and $500 for a 3-bedroom.

Not sure what qualifies as “photo-ready”? That’s okay! We’ll send you a list that will guide you through prepping the condo beforehand, so you can get every little detail perfect.

If you’d prefer more advanced styling guidance, keep scrolling for our package enhancements.

maui real estate photography

Simple Enhancements

If you want your condo to really shine in your Maui real estate photography listing photos, we have a selection of enhancements to add that extra sparkle.

Styling With Items Available In the Unit

We’ll use our artist’s eye to seek out items already available in the unit to bring a polished feel to your Maui real estate. A pillow arrangement, an open magazine, or a pair of carefully placed robes add just the right amount of the welcoming vibes guests love. Let us help you style what you already have!

maui real estate photography

Styling With Food And Wine

It’s amazing what fresh food can bring to a unit. A just-baked apple pie can sell a home, and warm bread, fruit, and a bottle of wine can book a condo! With this enhancement, we’ll bring the items, set them up, and capture Maui real estate photography that guests will want to dive right into.

Serious Style

If you want to bring serious style to your Maui rental property, consider a consultation with our founding photographer, Karma Hill. Karma is a talented artist with an eye for composition, texture, and color. She designed our Menehune Shore’s rental and offers a one-to-one design consultation to make your condo truly standout from the crowd. You can view her design work by clicking here.

Karma will survey the property prior to the shoot and offer her professional design guidance. If you decide to move forward with the recommended changes, Karma will work within your budget to help you secure the necessary items, big or small.

maui real estate photography
maui real estate photography
maui real estate photography

Whatever your real estate photography needs may be, we have the perfect package and enhancements to set your unit apart from the crowd!

We’re excited to dive into creating beautiful listing photos for your property and look forward to using our craft to help you maximize the potential of your unit. Book your Maui rental photography today!

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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Oahu wedding. Karma writes about weddings and photography in Hawaii.

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