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January 12, 2024

Making It Official – Renee & Kevin’s Maui Wedding Photography


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Renee and Kevin’s elopement was long-awaited after 18 years together! With hearts full of joy and a shared passion for adventure, this couple embarked on a new chapter in their lives. In this lighthearted blog post, we’ll take you through the highlights of their Maui wedding photography, with stories of how they met at their picturesque ceremony on the shoreline. Re-live their incredible day with us through these photos below!

maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography

Our Love Story – Maui Wedding Photography

Kevin, a retired lawyer turned Deputy Judge in Ontario Small Claims Court, and Renee, a Parliamentary Advisor at the Senate of Canada, share a deep bond that has grown stronger over the years. With three grown children and three adorable grandchildren, their love extends beyond their own relationship. When they’re not busy with work or family, they cherish their time together as self-proclaimed “homebodies,” indulging in sports, travel, and the company of their beloved rescued dog and cat.

With its breathtaking landscapes and serene ambiance, Maui holds a special place in Renee and Kevin’s hearts. It is their happy place, a sanctuary where they can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, it was only fitting that they chose this paradise island as the backdrop for their elopement, sealing their commitment amidst the beauty of nature. The day of their Maui elopement couldn’t have been more perfect!

maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography

Saying “I, do”

At Ironwoods Beach, Renee and Kevin exchanged their heartfelt vows in an intimate Maui elopement ceremony. The sheer embroidered gown that adorned Renee, paired with her delicate pastel bouquet, created a vision of ethereal beauty. The soft hues blended effortlessly with the serene blues of the ocean. It added an extra touch of romance to the already picture-perfect setting!

Though they had been together for many years, Renee and Kevin’s elopement was just as special and romantic as if it were their first date. With only the two of them present, they reveled in the intimate nature of their celebration. It was a reminder that love continues to grow and evolve, no matter how long you’ve been together!

wedding in maui
maui elopement
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography
wedding on beach
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography

Ironwoods Beach is one of the most breathtaking spots on Maui, boasting weathered rocks and crystal-clear blue waters that stretch as far as the eye can see. The dramatic scenery provided the perfect backdrop for Renee and Kevin’s big day, amplifying the significance of the moment!

maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography
maui wedding photography

As Renee and Kevin begin this exciting journey as newlyweds, we wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, and countless adventures! May their hearts be forever filled with laughter and their days be illuminated by the magic of their love story! Congratulations!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Package: Maui Elopement Package #1 by Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Lisa of Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Photographer: Samantha of Karma Hill Photography

Florals: Leis, Rustic Hawaiian Pastel Bouquet by  Dellables

Maui Officiant: Rev. Kuya

Maui Beach Wedding Location: Ironwoods Beach

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