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September 29, 2021

Eloping Under The Sunset – Zoe & Scott’s Kauai Wedding Portraits


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Zoe and Scott are an adventurous couple! Being the spontaneous pair they are, they decided a private elopement would be perfect for them! We had the best job — capture their Kauai wedding portraits! Scroll down to see these gorgeous pictures for yourself.

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The Kauai Wedding Portraits

Zoe and Scott exchanged leis under the vivid sunset on the shores of Shipwreck beach. In every picture, you can see the joy sparkling inside them! As Zoe walked toward Scott, you could see his eyes light up with adoration. Our favorite thing about this session is how magnetic each picture is. You can see the love between our newlyweds and feel the Hawaiian magic flowing through them!

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When we imagine a mystical, intimate, and romantic ceremony — the first thing we see is Zoe and Scott’s special day. Everything about this lovely couple’s wedding is enchanting, and you can see it in every shot. Above all, we love how the voluminous waves are crashing onto the epic rock formations behind them!

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There’s a dreamy glow from the setting sun surrounding our lovely couple in every picture. It makes each shot look like it’s out of a fairytale!

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Zoe and Scott are from Colorado and they love the outdoors! You can find them walking, hiking, and camping whenever they can with their dog. Although Scott has been to Hawaii before, this visit was Zoe’s first time on the island. They wanted to be adventurous and have a private elopement — it only made sense they had a wedding in Kauai! They made the right decision because their ceremony was breathtaking!

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Congratulations Zoe and Scott! It was so much fun to photograph your special occasion. We wish you a future full of adventures and happiness!

Kauai Wedding Photography – Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Kauai Portrait Location: Shipwrecks Beach

Kauai Wedding Photographer: Keri from Karma Hill Photography

Check out more wedding photography in Kauai here: https://karmahill.com/every-beat-of-the-heart-amanda-johns-couples-portraits-on-kauai/

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