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March 17, 2020

A Landscape of Love – Irene & Jim’s Wedding Photography in Maui


Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Karma Hill

Irene & Jim had a small and intimate wedding on the shore of Makena Cove, with only their daughter, her closest friend, and their son bearing witness. But that didn’t mean it was quiet! This ceremony encapsulated everything we love about wedding photography in Maui: a beautiful couple and their wedding party having a blast on their Special Day!

The evening was vividly clear, yet the sunlight filtered gently down, casting our couple in a luminous glow. It’s little wonder why Jim & Irene were so excited to say “I do” on Makena Cove, just look at the stunning way the rocky embankment meets the soft blooms on the shoreline.

wedding photography in Maui

And while we’re on the topic of stunning, check out this bride! We love the sincere look of awe on Jim’s face the moment he sees Irene in all of her wedding day glory.

Wedding Photography in Maui

That feeling of awe was evergreen with this sweet couple. It remained from the second the ceremony began to the moment the last ray of sun slipped beneath the horizon…

And after getting to know Jim & Irene, we’re positive it will still be there–as fresh and vibrant as ever–years and years and years from now…

Wedding Photography in Maui
Wedding Photography in Maui

These awesome kids were not only dressed like angels, but they also behaved like angels; They were helpful throughout the photo session and waited patiently as we captured beautiful Maui couples portraits of Mom and Dad.

wedding photography in Maui
Wedding Photography in Maui

But first, the bouquet toss! There’s nothing quite like this calm and tranquil tradition… where everyone politely applauds the lucky girl who catches the arrangement and offers her smiles and hugs and words of encouragement for her future marriage…

Wedding Photography in Maui

We kid!! It’s the ripping and the pulling that make the toss so legendary! We don’t see it as often these days, so we can’t stop giggling at this dynamic capture! What a perfect visual to summarize the tradition!

wedding photography in Maui

Maybe we don’t see it that often because bouquets are becoming more and more gorgeous… we’re loving the white peony and silver shimmer of the eucalyptus.

Not to mention the loving shimmer behind this couple’s eyes. Does this look say everything, or what? Keep scrolling for more of Irene & Jim’s spectacular Maui wedding photos!

wedding photography in Maui
Wedding Photography in Maui
wedding photography in Maui
Wedding Photography in Maui
best maui wedding photographers
wedding photography in Maui

As a landscape photographer himself, Jim was thrilled to have us capture their wedding photography in Maui. We’re at our best in the outdoors, beneath the natural lighting of the tropics and helping to make our couples feel at ease–it’s our specialty!

Wedding Photography in Maui
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wedding photography in Maui
Wedding Photography in Maui
wedding photography in Maui
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Wedding Photography in Maui
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Wedding Photography in Maui
wedding photography in Maui
wedding photography in Maui
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Wedding Photography in Maui

Mahalo nui loa, Irene & Jim, for choosing us to capture your wedding photography in Maui. It was truly a day to remember. Wishing you all the happiness in the years ahead and sending you our fondest Aloha…

Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photographer: Tenessa of Karma Hill Photography

Maui Portrait Location: Makena Cove

Wedding Planner: White Orchid Wedding

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