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December 7, 2023

True Love Match – Ann & Bob’s Kauai Couples Portrait


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Love stories are timeless, and in the breathtaking backdrop of Kauai, Ann and Bob’s journey of 30 years is a testament to the power of two hearts intertwined. On this special trip celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, they decided to capture the essence of their enduring love with a Kauai couples portrait. The result? Beautifully muted and soft portraits that reflect their love, laughter, and the enchanting mist off the ocean!

Believe it or not, Ann and Bob’s love story began on a blind date, and from that moment, fate had woven their destinies together. Coming from Phoenix, they fell in love with Hawaii during their honeymoon in Maui. And since then, Kauai has become their cherished paradise! With two children and two grandsons who bring joy and laughter to their lives, Ann and Bob have shared countless memories and adventures.

kauai couples portrait
kauai couples portrait
kauai couples portrait

Happiest With You

The decision to have portraits taken on this trip was driven by a desire to capture the beauty of Kauai and their anniversary. Shipwrecks Beach, with its stunning views and sweeping shoreline, provided the perfect backdrop for their portraits. The cloudier day added a touch of softness, casting a flattering glow upon their faces.


As they laughed and played in the waves during the Kauai couples portrait, the mist off the ocean added an enchanting touch to the scene. The soft colors and gentle sea breeze created an ambiance filled with love and warmth. Their portraits captured these precious moments, freezing them in time as lasting memories of their remarkable journey.


Cheers To 30 Years

As Ann and Bob stood side by side, these moments showcased their genuine happiness and sweet connection. Thirty years of love, commitment, and shared experiences were etched in their smiles and glowing eyes. Their anniversary was not only a celebration of their enduring love, but also a testament to the strength and joy that comes from a solid partnership. We are so honored they chose us to capture their Kauai couples portrait!

portrait in kauai
kauai couples portrait
kauai couples portrait
happy couple

Still laughing and playing together until the very end! Mahalo Ann and Bob, and happy anniversary! We wish another 30 years of happiness to you both!


Time Of Day: Morning

Kauai Portrait Location: Shipwrecks Beach

Kauai Family Photographer: Audrey from Karma Hill Photography

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