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June 18, 2021

The Sun Shines – Anna & Kyle’s Maui Elopement Photography

Anna and Kyle chose to elope in Maui in secret… And what a gorgeous surprise it was! Our bride and groom have the energy and easy-going nature of best friends, and they were simply a joy to work with. The smiles and laughter didn’t stop even when a rare Hawaii downpour graced the beach. This Maui Elopement Photography can’t be missed!

maui elopement photography

Rain on your wedding day is considered a blessing in Hawaii. But rain or shine, the most important blessing on any big day is a love as genuine and sweet as the love shared between Anna and Kyle. Coordinated by Simple Maui Wedding, this event was simple and sweet.

maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography

The Maui Elopement Photography

The ceremony began with an overcast sky that created dynamic lighting. As soon as the vows began, the island unleashed a brief downpour. We can only imagine how heartfelt their words must have been, considering Maui could not resist joining in on the blessing! Anna and Kyle chose to continue on and shared one of the sweetest “just married” kisses we’ve seen, all while underneath a cozy umbrella! 

maui elopement photography
rain during a maui beach wedding
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography

As soon as the kiss ended, so did the rain! The clouds parted and the sunlight returned just in time for our Maui Wedding Photographer to capture gorgeous photos of our lovebirds enjoying the beach. Dreamy lighting? Check! Maui blessing? Check! Couple in love? Check, check, check! 

maui elopement photography

We’re head over heels with the bold look Anna sported. When you elope in Maui, why let the ocean be the only thing making a splash on the shore?! Carrying a fiery red bouquet of posies and roses to match her flower crown, and draped in a tiered gown with silver sandals, Anna is a gorgeous bride who isn’t afraid to own her beauty! We loved her confidence!

maui elopement photography

Taking a cue from his new wife’s playbook, Kyle put a fun spin on the classic suit with a mosaic tie that offers just the right amount of pop. Keep scrolling for even more beautiful moments! 

maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography
gorgeous red bridal bouquet
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography
maui elopement photography

Mahalo, Anna and Kyle, for choosing us to capture your Maui Engagement Photography and for the sweet thank you cards! It was a wonderful day, and we wish you only the best in the years ahead.


Time of Day: Sunset

Hawaii Wedding Photographer: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

Beach Wedding Location: Southside Beach

Maui Wedding Planner: Simple Maui Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Emily from Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Minister: Reverend Richardo

Wedding Florals: Custom Bouquet by Dellables

Videography: Guacho Visual

Hair and Makeup: Salon 253

Bridal Gown: NBD from Revolve

Groom’s Suit from Bonobos

Check out another Hawaii ceremony here: https://karmahill.com/charissa-christophers-oahu-elopement-photography/

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