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August 5, 2021

Jungle Beauty – Annah-Claire & Kevin’s Couples Portrait on Maui


Honolua Jungle was lush and green and the river was flowing for Annah-Claire (AC) and Kevin’s couples portrait on Maui. They drove out to the west side all the way from their home in Kihei where we met up with them for exotic and rustic photography that captures their love for each other–and their love for the island. 

Couples Portrait on Maui

The Couples Portrait on Maui 

Honolua Jungle is located in the heart of Kapalua with overgrown canopies and ancient trees. It was the perfect spot for AC and Kevin to let loose and be themselves. The stream was flowing with clear water and our couple was ready to shine!

Wearing gear that showcased their personalities without being too dressed up, AC and Kevin were right at home in front of the camera. They claimed they needed help with posing, and we are so here for that, but these two were naturals once the session began! 

Couples Portrait on Maui
Couples Portrait on Maui

Kevin and AC have been on the island for over a year and plan to remain for at least another circle around the sun. AC was once a teacher but hopes to become a divemaster in the future! She’s definitely earned her local girl wings (or fins)! 

Couples Portrait on Maui
Couples Portrait on Maui
Couples Portrait on Maui
Couples Portrait on Maui
Couples Portrait on Maui
Couples Portrait on Maui
Couples Portrait on Maui
Couples Portrait on Maui

One of the best things about this session was the quick outfit change that took place at the end. AC said she was looking forward to seeing Kevin wearing something other than board shorts and a Billabong t-shirt… and then came the outfit change!

Couples Portrait on Maui

At least she got to see him snazzed up for a little while! But seriously, we’re so happy they both had an opportunity to be themselves, and we were thrilled to capture AC and Kevin enjoying the moment. 

Couples Portrait on Maui

Thank you, AC and Kevin, and congratulations on your engagement! We wish you all the best and hope to see you sometime in the future! 


Time of Day: Afternoon

Maui Portrait Location: Honolua Jungle

Maui Family Photographer: Ev of Karma Hill Photography

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