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July 5, 2024

Summer Dreaming – The Booth’s Kauai Family Portrait


The Booth family’s long-awaited trip to Kauai finally happened, and it was everything they had hoped for and more! Originally planned for last summer to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, they had to postpone due to surgeries and recovery. This summer, the Booths were ready to make the most of their special vacation, capturing a beautiful Kauai family portrait at the stunning Shipwrecks Beach! Keep reading to see more of their special time with us!

kauai family portrait

Summertime Fun

The day was nothing short of perfect. The soft, pastel light of the morning created a serene and magical atmosphere, making every moment feel like a dream. The Booth family looked radiant and happy, their joy shining through in every photograph. It was a special day, filled with love and anticipation for the exciting transitions ahead.

kauai family portrait

Next year marks significant milestones for the Booth family, with their oldest son starting high school and their youngest son beginning middle school. This vacation was the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality family time before these big changes. Both parents, dedicated educators, and their sons, who are goalkeepers on their club soccer teams, were eager to create lasting memories in one of the most beautiful locations imaginable!

Shipwrecks Beach provided a breathtaking backdrop for their portraits. The light was soft and pastel, casting a gentle glow that highlighted the family’s happiness and connection. The Booths were naturals in front of the camera, their genuine smiles and laughter capturing the essence of their close-knit bond.

kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait

Every two years, the Booth family makes it a point to take family pictures, and this session was particularly special. The stunning scenery of Kauai, combined with the significance of their 20th wedding anniversary and the upcoming milestones for their sons, made these photos even more meaningful! They couldn’t have asked for a better day!

kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait

The Booth Kauai family’s portrait session was a celebration of love, resilience, and togetherness. Here’s to many more beautiful moments and adventures for this wonderful family! Enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii! We are so happy you finally made it happen!


Time Of Day: Morning

Kauai Portrait Location: Shipwrecks Beach

Kauai Family Portrait: Audrey from Karma Hill Photography

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