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January 7, 2022

Strength & Loyalty – Brooke & Leon’s Maui Vow Renewal Photography


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Brooke and Leon celebrated their tenth anniversary in September of 2021. Since their oldest son was away at college, they waited until winter break to hold their ceremony. Our beautiful couple exchanged vows on the shores of Southside Beach, and their Maui vow renewal photography was absolutely breathtaking! Continue scrolling to fall in love with this event too.

maui vow renewal photography
maui beach vow renewal

Tranquil, meaningful, and scenic are a few words we’d use to describe Brooke and Leon’s unforgettable day. With the location setting a peaceful stage and the stunning sunset above them — we couldn’t ask for a more sensational backdrop! However, our favorite thing about this event is how they incorporated their children. Each of Brooke and Leon’s kids had something special to say before our lovely couple shared their vows. It made this intimate ceremony much more heartwarming!

vow renewal ceremony photographers
Maui beach Portrait locations
Maui wedding photographers
Maui photographer
southside beach portrait locations

The Background For Their Maui Vow Renewal Photography

Southside Beach was the location for this intimate event, and it set a sensational scene. Especially with the natural landscapes creating an enchanting background! All week, it was forecasted to thunderstorm the day of the session. Luckily for this charming duo, the weather cleared up exquisitely! Above all, we appreciate the captivating sunset. There were only a few silky clouds in the sky — letting the vivid sun shine down onto the shore. The warm glow effortlessly enhanced the dreamy and romantic ambiance of this ceremony!

maui beach vow renewal
vow renewal ceremony photographers
Maui family photographers

One moment we adore during this Maui vow renewal is when our delightful couple and their children exchange bracelets. This piece of jewelry represents a quote Brooke and Leon had for their wedding about the strength of family and loyalty!

Maui family portraits
Hawaii Family Photographers on Beach

Every year this cheerful group tries to take family pictures, and Brooke’s mother has always wanted to be part of them. This year, she joined them for their Maui vow renewal photography. Based on their radiant expressions, you can tell everyone relished their time together!

family photographers in Maui, Hawaii
sunset Maui family beach portraits

Currently, Brooke and Leon have three bright children! The two oldest, Nicole and Danelle, are in college! Nicole is transferring to the Oregon State University, while Danelle plays baseball at Butte College in California. Although they’re experiencing empty-nest syndrome, their youngest son, Caden, keeps them busy with baseball. Most importantly, our couple is super proud of all their kids!

family photographers Maui, HI
Photo by Karma Hill Photography
sunset maui couples portraits
bride and groom at maui vow renewal
Maui Beach Portraits
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sunset maui family portraits
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family photographers in Maui, Hawaii
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southside beach Maui family portrait
sunset maui family beach portraits
sunset maui family beach portrats
bride and groom at maui vow renewal
sunset maui vow renewal beach portraits
sunset maui couples portraits
sunset maui couples photography

Congratulations, Brooke and Leon, on ten years of marriage! Mahalo for letting us be part of such a significant occasion. We wish you a future full of quality time with family and loving memories!

Maui Vow Renewal Photography – Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Photographer: Cheynice from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Beach Location: Southside Beach

Hair & Makeup: Salon 253

Flower Crowns: Petite Maui Floral

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