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The Murphy family’s first trip into the enchanting beauty of Maui was nothing short of a jubilant celebration of love and togetherness. As they gathered for their very first Maui family portrait on the beach, their sheer happiness painted a vibrant picture of pure joy. Keep reading to see more of their fun session with […]

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Amidst the stunning beauty of Maui, Tushar had an unforgettable surprise in store for his beloved Silvi. This last-minute trip to paradise held a secret that would change their lives in the most heartwarming way. After 8 years together, Tushar knew that this spontaneous Maui getaway was the perfect opportunity to create a lasting memory […]

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The Sobel family, hailing from Ohio, met one of our talented photographers to capture their togetherness and create lasting memories on the shores of Maui. A family of five, they returned after nearly 19 years, the island holding a special place in their hearts since their honeymoon! Reminiscing about their first visit, they shared a […]

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Raely Jean’s Maui senior portrait session on the beach was a celebration of joy, aspirations, and the vibrant energy of a bright future. As a resident of Kihei, Raely Jean has her sights set on an exciting journey post-graduation from Maui High. With plans to enroll in EMT training courses and eventually venture into nursing, […]

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In a world that was put on pause by the pandemic, love continued to bloom. And for Jonathan and Sonia, their vacation in Maui became the setting for a heartwarming surprise. After years of dating, Jonathan had something truly special up his sleeve for his beloved Sonia, and oh boy, was it a moment to […]

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There is something truly magical about a family gathering, especially when it takes place on a breathtaking beach in Maui. For the Setaputri family, this annual reunion held extra significance as they embarked on their first visit to the island together. The anticipation was high, and their desire to capture beautiful memories in photographs was […]

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Jenny and Matt shared a joyous babymoon, celebrating their impending journey into parenthood. With hearts brimming with happiness, they set foot in paradise, ready to enjoy time with just the two of them. Having explored Kauai and the Big Island before, this was their first time experiencing the magic of Maui together. With 16 years […]

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“When planning this trip, we polled the boys about where in the world they most wanted to visit, and it was a unanimous answer that Hawaii,” Natalie told us before her Maui family portrait. The Smith family was so excited to travel to the islands her boys couldn’t wait to play on the beach. Our […]

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When it comes to cherishing family moments, the Hill family knows just how important it is to capture those special memories. As the loving family behind Karma Hill Photography, they understand the significance of freezing time and preserving the love shared within a family. Recently, they joined one of our photographers for their own Maui […]

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There’s something special about returning to a place you once visited years ago, especially when it’s a breathtaking paradise like Maui. For Lily and her family, their recent trip to the island wasn’t just about revisiting old memories; it was an opportunity to capture a significant milestone in Lily’s life through a Maui senior portrait […]

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We recently had the pleasure of capturing the Schmitt’s beautiful Maui family portrait! Despite it being near the end of the year, their spirits were high, and they were ready to create some amazing memories together. After all, it’s never too late to get some stunning family portraits! The Schmitt family looked absolutely lovely in […]

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In the sunny paradise, the Panama family returned as repeat clients for their Maui family portrait session! As you’ll see, this post celebrates their continued trust in our services and the happiness that radiated from their session. It was a delight to see them again, watching their children grow and capturing more precious memories for […]

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A family portrait is more than just a photo; it’s a snapshot of love, joy, and togetherness. For the Shu family, their Maui family portrait session was so fun and captured the essence of their beautiful family. With their two darling boys in tow, the morning was filled with excitement and happiness! Nothing warms our […]

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Visiting Maui for the first time, the McGonigle family was filled with excitement and anticipation. They were ready to make unforgettable memories in this tropical paradise. And what better way to commemorate their trip than with a Maui family portrait session? The experience turned out to be truly meaningful and special, capturing the essence of […]

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There’s something truly magical about returning to a place you love, and for the Coffman family, that place is Maui. With years of memories and countless visits to this paradise island, they eagerly anticipated their Maui family portrait session, ready to capture the love and happiness that radiated within them! Having been regular visitors since […]

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Love, laughter, and a touch of aloha – that’s what Sam and Grace’s Maui couples portrait was all about. As newlyweds on their honeymoon, they embarked on a journey of joy and togetherness, ready to create memories that would last a lifetime. After nearly 12 years together, Sam and Grace finally tied the knot! And […]

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It was a perfect day in paradise, with the sun shining brightly and a gentle ocean breeze in the palm trees. This was the backdrop for the Wilson’s Maui family portrait, a day filled with love, laughter, and beautiful memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. The Wilsons gathered on the beach, surrounded by […]

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Meet Kalyan and Rajasri, a delightful couple whose story is as heartwarming as their smiles. These college sweethearts-turned-life partners have been on a journey together for 13 incredible years. Imagine, a decade of togetherness and soon celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary this December! Their story is not just about love; it’s about patience, friendship, and […]

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Get ready to join us on an unforgettable journey as we dive into the story of the Hendrix family’s Maui family portrait session! With multiple generations coming together for a special vacation in paradise, capturing precious memories became the highlight of their time on the island. Let’s explore how this big family occasion, filled with […]

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Imagine stepping into a fairytale world where dreams come true, and magic fills the air. That’s exactly what the Duck family experienced during their Maui family portrait session, celebrating their daughter Addison’s 16th birthday. It was a dreamy and enchanting occasion that will be cherished for years to come! Addison’s 16th birthday was nothing short […]

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