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August 31, 2023

Aloha Spirit – The Cangeleri’s Kauai Family Portrait


The Cangeleri family embarked on their very first trip to Hawaii, and the island of Kauai was their chosen paradise. With its reputation for lush beauty, they had high expectations, and boy, did Kauai deliver! From the moment they set foot on the island, they were captivated by its charm.

Amidst the excitement of their Hawaiian adventure, the Cangeleris realized it was the perfect opportunity to update their family photos. It had been six or seven years since their last professional portrait session, and with their 20th anniversary approaching, they wanted to celebrate their love with some stunning couple photos too. This trip was not just about exploration but also about creating lasting memories as a family! As you’ll see, their Kauai family portrait turned out spectacular and beautiful!

kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait

Island Fun

The Cangeleris brought their adventurous spirit to their portrait session at Salt Pond Beach. Against the backdrop of this breathtaking location, their portraits radiated bliss and happiness! They had packed several aloha-inspired outfits, adding a vibrant touch to their images! Their smiles were contagious, reflecting the happiness and excitement they felt exploring the island together.

As they posed for the camera, the Cangeleris exuded the true essence of the aloha spirit. Their genuine warmth and affection for one another translated into timeless photographs that captured their love and connection. Each frame was filled with laughter, love, and a sense of togetherness, with a few palm trees, of course!

While the ocean waves lapped on the shore nearby, the Cangeleris savored their time on the beach together. This trip gave them the rare opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and bask in the quiet tranquility of being together as a family. They were even blessed with a rainbow, too! After their session, they told us they would come back because they loved the island so much!

kauai family portrait
girl on beach
kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait

The beauty of their Kauai family portraits is a testament to the incredible memories they created in Hawaii! Not only do these images commemorate their first visit to this enchanting island, but they also serve as a reminder of their love and quality family time.

kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait
family on beach in hawaii

May the beauty and joy captured in your photographs continue to bring smiles to your faces for years to come. Here’s to many more adventures, laughter-filled moments, and cherished memories! Sending you all lots of love and aloha until next time…


Time Of Day: Morning

Kauai Portrait Location: Salt Pond Beach

Kauai Family Photographer In Kauai: Audrey from Karma Hill Photography

Want to see more photography in Kauai? Check out this session! https://karmahill.com/williams-kauai-family-portrait/

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