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February 18, 2020

Now and Forever – Chantelle & Shawn’s Maui Engagement Portraits


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Like a treasure at the end of a (double) rainbow, Chantelle & Shawn are positively golden in their Maui engagement portraits! Having met on the Police Force, these officers are always on the job and busy serving our citizens. So they were ecstatic to finally unwind and spend some one-on-one time in the laidback Maui atmosphere–not to mention indulge in our world-class cuisine!

Together for over 6 years, this dynamic duo can’t wait for their wedding next year! And like a blessing from the island, their Maui engagement portraits were graced with a soft Hawaiian rainbow arching over the seascape of Poʻolenalena beach…

Maui Engagement Portraits

Four years ago, while visiting the islands for the first time, Chantelle and Shawn decided to make the leap and move in together. Now they not only own a home but a precious fur-baby named Milo!

couples portraits on Maui
maui couples photographer

Chantelle reflected that being back on Maui has been reminiscent, almost like uncovering a time-capsule of their relationship. Walking on the same golden sands as they did 4 years ago, they’ve been reminded of how much they have grown and changed together…

And now they look forward to all of the wonderful changes in the years ahead…

Maui Engagement Portraits
couples portrait photographer on maui
man swinging woman up into a hug on maui beach
couple embracing on maui beach in wailea
man and woman kissing on Maui beach
Maui Engagement Portraits

Hold the phone. Isn’t this the cover of some bestselling romance novel?

Nope, it’s just Chantelle and Shawn being their epically gorgeous selves! What a sensational Maui couples portrait! This is certainly one for the wall!

Couple standing in Maui greenery
Maui Engagement Portraits

Thank you, Chantelle & Shawn, for choosing Karma Hill Photography to help make your Maui engagement portraits a reality. Congratulations and thank you for your service! We wish you the fondest Aloha in the years ahead…

Session Details

Time of Day: Morning

Maui Photographer: Sophie from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Portrait Location: Poʻolenalena, Wailea

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