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July 6, 2024

Where The Heart Is – The Eleneke’s Maui Family Portrait


The Eleneke family’s recent Maui family portrait session was a heartfelt celebration of their strong family bond and the exciting milestones they are reaching. Born and raised in Maui, the Elenekes hold a deep connection to their island home. Despite the tricky dynamics of modern family life, with their oldest son Kahekili living in Ogden, Utah, they made sure to capture some special moments right at home.

Kahekili, a senior at Roy High School in Utah, returned to Maui for his senior portraits, so this session was a perfect blend of family and senior photos. This session was particularly special, as it highlighted Kahekili’s journey and the sacrifices his parents, Jenn and Makana, have made to support his dreams. Kahekili moved to Utah two years ago to pursue better educational opportunities and gain more recognition in the sports world, specifically football. Despite the distance, his heart remains firmly rooted in Maui. So without further delay, keep reading to see more!

maui family portrait
maui family portrait
maui family portrait
maui family portrait
happy family
maui family portrait
maui family portrait

The session took place at their family’s home in Kula, surrounded by the upcountry’s natural beauty. The family’s joy and love were evident in every shot, despite a few drops of rain. Their smiles shone brightly, reflecting their deep connection and the significance of this moment. Capturing these memories at home in Maui was a meaningful way to celebrate Kahekili’s achievements and the family’s dedication.

Hawanaolu, their youngest, is also reaching a milestone, heading into middle school next year. The session beautifully captured the growth and transitions within the Eleneke family, showcasing their resilience and love!

maui family portrait
maui family portrait
maui family portrait

The Elenekes are a sweet and hardworking family, and their Maui family portrait session was a testament to their strong values and the sacrifices they make for each other. It was an honor to capture these precious moments and celebrate Kahekili’s journey. Congratulations to the Eleneke family! Here’s to many more milestones and joyful moments together! Aloha!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Family Portrait: Michelle of Karma Hill Photography

Portrait Location in Maui: Kula

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Capturing Joy – The Daniels’ Maui Family Portrait

The Daniels family’s recent visit to Maui was nothing short of magical, filled with joy, laughter, and the perfect backdrop for their new family portraits! They are repeat clients too which made it even more special! Frequent visitors to the island, they love the laid-back vibe of Maui, which always makes them feel at home.

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