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July 26, 2022

A Reunion We’ll Remember – Hedley’s Maui Family Portraits


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

This morning session was full of sunshine, laughter, and great energy as this group of fourteen visited Baby Beach. Clarissa from Karma Hill Photography captured the Hedley’s Maui family portraits. In every shot, you can see their joyous smiles and the delicate shades of blue they wore for their shoot. Keep scrolling to see their pictures for yourself.

Maui family portraits
Maui family photographers

The Hedleys are a beautiful party of fourteen vacationing on the island to commemorate Dick and Cindy’s anniversary! This trip wasn’t their first time in Hawaii; they’ve been here several times. After ten years, our charming bunch visited Maui with their children and grandkids. Not only was this a celebratory getaway, but it was also a family reunion!

Maui family photographer
Hawaii Family Photographers on Beach
family photographers in Maui, Hawaii
family portrait photographers Maui

Where They Took Their Maui Family Portraits

The weather at Baby Beach was perfect! It was a bright Wednesday morning; there were just enough clouds to make it feel like an enchanted paradise. Although this is a little beach, the natural backdrops make every shot look breathtaking! Calm sapphire water, lofty palm trees, and striking rocks decorate the background. Above all, we can’t get over how the sun left a dreamy golden glow on the seaside!

family photographers Maui, HI
Photo by Karma Hill Photography
children photographers in maui
child friendly photographers maui
best beaches in maui for morning portraits
Maui Beach Portraits

We adore how perfectly the Hedleys dressed for their Maui family portraits! Everyone wore a beautiful shade of blue for this session. We like how these hues complemented the organic tones surrounding them. In addition, everyone’s outfits are beachy and comfortable! They made it easy for us to capture their tropical vibes and enthusiastic attitudes. We loved seeing this bunch come together — especially since they’re full of joy! Above all, anyone can tell they’re having fun; the smiles on their faces are contagious!

Maui family photographers
Maui family reunion portraits
Maui family reunion photographers
Maui family reunion photographers
Hawaii Family Photographers on Beach
Photo by Karma Hill Photography
Maui couples portraits
couples portraits in Maui, Hawaii
Photo by Karma Hill Photography
couples portrait in Maui, Hawaii

A warm Mahalo to the Hedley family! It was a pleasure to be part of this significant occasion. We wish you a future full of love, happiness, and success!

Maui Family Portraits – Session Details

Time of Day: Morning

Maui Portrait Location: Baby Beach

Maui Family Photographer: Clarissa from Karma Hill Photography

Karma Hill - Hawaii
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