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March 21, 2024

Happy Days – The Hux’s Maui Family Portrait


On a beautiful day that could only be described as perfect, the Hux family decided to capture their Maui vacation in the most beautiful way possible. A Maui family portrait! Dressed in shades of white and soft, beachy colors, they stood out against the stunning scenery. Their portrait embodies the essence of familial love as you’ll see below! Keep reading to see more of their beautiful smiles!

Remembering This Time

Our Maui family portrait session began with the family gathered on the walkway, the gentle greenery and grass waving in the soft ocean breeze behind them. The sound of the waves at Ironwoods Beach provided a tranquil soundtrack to their portrait. These moments of joy, of siblings sharing in the happiness of their family vacation, were precious and heartwarming.

The decision to coordinate their outfits added an extra layer of charm to the already picturesque setting. The contrast of their fresh, bright attire against the natural hues of the sand, the lush greenery, and the azure waves created a visual harmony. It’s always a delight to see families come together in such a thoughtfully coordinated manner for their Maui family portrait. It adds a touch of cohesiveness that enhances the beauty of the moment.

kids on stairs
family portrait
happy family

The Hux family’s Maui family portrait session was not just about capturing smiles; it was about bottling the essence of their togetherness, the warmth of the sun, and the bliss of their holiday. Each photograph tells a story of love, connection, and the pure enjoyment of being together in such a breathtaking locale. The kids had a good laugh too as you can see!

maui family portrait
happy family
couple on beach
family portrait
happy family

As they look back on these images in the years to come, they won’t just see themselves on a beautiful beach in Maui. They will see the best keepsakes from their vacation—a collection of moments filled with joy, love, and the irreplaceable memories of a family adventure in paradise. This Maui family portrait session will serve as a timeless reminder of their wonderful time together. It was the best souvenir they could have taken from Hawaii!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Family Portrait: Michelle of Karma Hill Photography

Maui Portrait Location: Ironwoods Beach

Check out this beautiful portrait below!

Maui Beach Photography

Blended & Blissful – Kors Family’s Maui Beach Photography

Blissful newlyweds, a new blended family, beautiful sisters-in-law, and a scenic setting: A perfect combination for Maui Beach Photography!

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