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June 18, 2024

Beginning Forever: Christopher & Rachelle’s Sunset Proposal in Maui


proposal in Maui

Southside Beach was the perfect location for Christopher and Rachelle’s surprise proposal in Maui. It was a gorgeous evening with golden sunset colors and gentle waves lapping against the shore. The intimate, scenic backdrop of palm trees and ocean was the perfect setting for their first moments as an engaged couple.

Meet Christopher and Rachelle

Christopher and Rachelle’s story began in their sophomore year of college in California. Despite sharing a couple of classes, Christopher’s shyness kept him from making the first move. But Rachelle, being the outgoing and adventurous spirit, broke the ice by approaching Christopher and asking for his social media. Fast forward six years, and their bond has only grown stronger, leading Christopher to plan this special Maui proposal experience.

Maui Proposal

It was such a precious moment when Christopher proposed. You could see the whole scene go from nervous anticipation to total joy when Rachelle said “yes”. Proposals are some of our favorite sessions to photograph because there is just so much life-changing emotion being captured in such a short amount of time.

Surprise proposal in Maui

Capturing the Moment: From Attire to Emotion

We loved Christopher and Rachelle clothing choices for their big moment. Rachelle’s cream-colored mini dress perfectly matched Christopher’s elegant cream button-down shirt, adding a touch of island elegance to the scene. The soft colors of their outfits blended seamlessly with the warm tones of the sunset.

Our Maui proposal photographer captured each moment—from the nervous anticipation Christopher must have been feeling, to Rachelle’s joyful surprise when he got down on one knee. Each photo tells the story of their romantic moment, the laughter they shared, and just how perfect of a couple they are together.

Christopher and Rachelle took some great pictures, perfect for engagement announcements. After the big moment, the weather was gorgeous, and the lighting was perfect for excellent beach photos. Since this is just a sneak peek of the photos, there will be lots more to choose from once they have their full collection.

Maui engagement Photographer
Maui Couples photos

Christopher and Rachelle’s proposal at Southside Beach was more than just a picturesque moment; it was a heartfelt celebration of their love. The natural beauty of Maui created a truly unforgettable location for this picturesque proposal. Every detail, from their elegant attire to the candid emotions captured in the photos, highlighted the depth of their connection.

It’s moments like these that remind us why we cherish capturing love stories, and Christopher and Rachelle’s proposal is a perfect example of the romance and beauty that Maui offers.

Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Proposal Photographer: Michelle from Karma Hill Photography

Portrait Location In Maui: Southside Beach

Maui Proposal: View Maui Proposal Packages

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