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May 25, 2024

Perfect Equation – Michelle & Ethan’s Maui Wedding Photography


We’re excited to share the beautiful photos from Michelle and Ethan’s Maui wedding photography coverage! This venue holds a special place in their hearts, as Michelle’s brother was married here 15 years ago. The couple adores Maui’s breathtaking scenery, delicious food options, and rich, beautiful culture, making it the perfect location for their special day.

Michelle and Ethan envisioned an elegant yet relaxed and laidback ceremony and dinner. They wanted everything to be polished but not too fussy. The result was a perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity that truly reflected their personalities and love story. Thanks to our wonderful team over at Simple Maui Wedding, it all came together seamlessly as you’ll see!

Best Day Ever

Together for 10 years and engaged in the stunning landscapes of Northern Arizona, Michelle and Ethan were overjoyed to finally tie the knot. The wedding day at Gather was a beautiful gathering of friends and family, filled with love and happiness. Michelle was glowing, and Ethan beamed with joy throughout the day. It was a particularly special occasion as Michelle had visited Hawaii a few times before, but this was Ethan’s first trip to the islands.

The ceremony on the lush lawn of Gather was nothing short of magical. With the serene backdrop of Maui’s natural beauty, Michelle and Ethan exchanged vows in a setting that felt both elegant and intimate. The tumbling bougainvillea and palm trees added to the romantic ambiance. The soft colors and romantic ambiance added to the overall charm of the day, making it feel like a dream come true.

The couple took a stroll down to Southside Beach, where they spent some quiet time alone, basking in their newlywed joy. Moreover, the romantic atmosphere, coupled with the soft hues of the setting sun, made these moments incredibly special and memorable. How stunning does Michelle look in her ethereal veil with the cream blooms? Perfection! The warmth and tenderness in their portraits radiate in every pose and glance…

Congratulations to Michelle and Ethan! Your wedding was a beautiful celebration of love, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness and adventures together. Mahalo for letting us be part of your joyous day. Here’s to the decades ahead!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photography: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

Onsite Coordinator: Diana of Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding Package: Gather’s Ceremony Package by Simple Maui Wedding

Florals: Leis, Maui Elegance Bouquet by Dellables

Maui Wedding Venue: Gather in Kihei

Beach Portrait Location: Southside Beach

Maui Officiant: Rev. Kuya

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