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October 26, 2022

We Found Each Other – Oveld & Bianca’s Maui Venue Wedding


Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Karma Hill

California natives Oveld and Bianca’s Maui venue wedding was a tropical delight! We recently had the pleasure of shooting their gorgeous wedding with their closest friends and family. It was another blissful day in paradise for our newlyweds who have never been to Maui before! Please keep reading to see how their amazing day unfolded…

maui venue wedding
bride and groom walk down aisle
bride with groom and minister

For a bit of backstory about our lovely couple, Oveld and Bianca met on a dating app and felt an instant connection. It was meant to be from the start! They knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together…

maui venue wedding

Despite his nerves, Oveld proposed to beautiful Bianca in Cancun last July on a romantic getaway together – so romantic! He was equally as excited as he was nervous, as you can imagine! But, of course, she said yes, and here they were just moments before exchanging their heartfelt vows with panoramic views!

maui venue wedding

Our beautiful couple was originally planning a wedding in California but found our sister company, Simple Maui Wedding! They loved the fact that it offers beautiful small wedding options that are still affordable, fun, relaxed, and modern. We are so happy they did!

The backdrop for their Maui venue wedding was at the grassy knoll at Gannon’s in Kihei. This is a fantastic location because it has sweeping ocean views and plenty of space and privacy. Of course, the palm trees add to the tropical ambiance too!

maui venue wedding
tropical wedding

With This Ring…

As they exchanged their thoughtful vows and rings, we were in awe of the vibrant tropical arch! It was a riot of coral, peach, lemon, and pink colors, as you can see! It was so stunning and matched Bianca’s bouquet perfectly…the peach roses next to the pink ginger were flawless!

maui venue wedding
maui venue wedding ceremony
maui venue wedding
maui wedding at gannons
maui wedding at gannons

Sprinkled with flower petals, our newlyweds shared their first kiss as husband and wife to the delight of their friends and family!

bride and groom kiss
bride and groom
maui venue wedding
wedding in maui

With many warm wishes and tears from their nearest and dearest, we stepped aside to capture our glowing bride. She looked so radiant in her creamy white gown with floral motifs! It was pure perfection…

bride portrait in maui
maui venue wedding

These intimate moments after their ceremony will forever be remembered by our beautiful couple…they can feel utterly surreal! But, their Maui venue wedding was everything they dreamed it would be!

maui bride and groom
wedding rings
groom on beach

We loved Oveld’s dusky purple hued suit – it matched the sunset, as you’ll see in the photos that follow! We love it when our grooms don’t shy away from color!

maui bride and groom

One place they were looking forward to was a few portraits on the beach as the sun began to set…these moments were spellbinding! They look so blissfully happy…

wedding portraits on beach
bride and groom at sunset on beach

Hand in hand as husband and wife, our delightful couple was ready to begin their next chapter together!

maui beach wedding

In the last moments of their fantastic day, the sun beamed down on our beautiful newlyweds…they were looking forward to celebrating with their friends and family! We soon sent them on their way to join in the fun celebrations…but first, we waited for the sunset!

For their beach portraits, Southside Beach was the perfect ending to their incredible day…And the sunset was spectacular! But, of course, we love this beach for that very reason – it sets right on the horizon!

maui venue wedding

Mahalo to Oveld and Bianca for choosing Karma Hill Photography and Simple Maui Wedding for your amazing day! It was a joy to capture your Maui venue wedding, and we wish you all the love, peace, and success in your next journey together! We hope to see you again soon!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Venue Wedding Photographer: Tenessa from Karma Hill Photography

Maui Venue Wedding Location: Gannon’s in Kihei

Wedding Florals: Custom Bouquet and Arch by Dellables

Maui Wedding Packages: Simple Maui Wedding

Maui Officiant: Reverend Richardo

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