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November 30, 2021

Our First Hawaiian Getaway – Peterson’s Family Portraits in Kauai


Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by Karma Hill

This month, we had the pleasure of meeting the Peterson’s for their family portraits in Kauai. While this beautiful trio made memories on the beach — we captured every special moment! Now, they’ll always be able to relive their first vacation in Hawaii. Keep scrolling to see these magnificent photos for yourself!

family portraits in kauai
Kauai family Photographers
waipouli beach portrait location
Kauai couples photographers
Kauai beach portrait locations

The Peterson family consists of three charming people: Jennifer, her husband, Todd, and their delightful five-year-old daughter! Our darling trio was visiting Hawaii for the first time from Kansas. Based on those vibrant smiles, you can tell they fell in love with the island! Above all, every picture is beachy and magical! We can’t wait to see which ones they post on social media!

Sunset Kauai family Portraits
family portraits in Hawaii

The Cheerful Family Portraits in Kauai

We adore these lighthearted shots of our happy family! The calm ocean and tan sand create the perfect scene. You can see the undeniable blissful expression on our lovely parent’s faces while their daughter runs toward them. And the next photo is a playful father-daughter moment caught effortlessly on camera! Our favorite thing is seeing how much fun our beautiful family is having in every picture!

sunset family portraits in Hawaii
photographers in Kauai, Hawaii
photographers Kauai
father-daughter kauai photos
mother-daughter kauai photos
children photographers in kauai
sunset photographers in kauai

Waipouli Beach was the Kauai portrait location for these Kauai family portraits. This East Kauai spot is full of exquisite scenery! Cerulean waves, striking rocks, and lofty palm trees are some of the breathtaking backdrops we took advantage of during this session. Once the sun disappeared below the horizon, a delicate spectrum of hues painted the sky. It was so enchanting and made every photo feel more dreamy!

Family portraits Kauai
family portraits Kauai

When we asked the Peterson family about their experience with us, they responded with the kindest remarks! Their photographer, Keri, was sweet when working with their daughter. She captured many heartwarming memories this lively bunch will cherish forever. Most importantly, they had a wonderful time; and they can’t wait to come back to take more photos with us!

Hawaii family Portrait photographers
sunset family portraits in hawaii

A warm Mahalo to the Petersons! We look forward to seeing you all again on the island one day. Until then, we wish you a future full of unforgettable family adventures and new memories!

Family Portraits in Kauai – Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Kauai Portrait Location: Waipouli Beach

Kauai Family Photographers: Keri from Karma Hill Photography

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