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June 14, 2024

We’re Expecting – The Barbes’ Maui Family Portrait


We were overjoyed to welcome back the Barbes family for a joyful Maui family portrait session! This time, the celebration was double the joy with two babies on the way. How amazing is that? Kimberlee and Kristian, who tied the knot with us at Southside Beach last year, are now gearing up for a new chapter in their lives, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

Their family vacation in Maui was all about celebrating life, love, and new beginnings. The excitement was palpable as they commemorated this special moment with a delightful photo session. It was a bright and beautiful day, with the tropical vibes of Maui providing the perfect backdrop. The island’s vibrant colors and serene beauty set the stage for a truly unforgettable experience!

maui family portrait
maui family portrait

Happy News

What made this Maui family portrait session even more special were the ultrasound pictures both couples included to celebrate their upcoming bundles of joy. It was heartwarming to see the family cherish these precious memories, capturing the essence of this joyous time!

The Barbes family radiated happiness and love throughout the session. Their smiles and laughter echoed the joyous news they were celebrating. The tropical setting of Maui, added a touch of magic to the portraits. It was a colorful and beautiful day, reflecting the bright future ahead for their growing families! And it also brought back some wonderful memories from their wedding day!

Family is everything in Hawaii, and the Barbes truly embodied this sentiment. Their love and excitement were contagious, making the photo session a delightful experience for everyone!

maui family portrait
maui family portrait
happy family
maui family portrait
maui family portrait
maui family portrait

Congratulations on your upcoming arrivals! We are thrilled to have been part of this beautiful journey and can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold for this wonderful family. Here’s to celebrating life, love, and the incredible adventures ahead! Until next time…


Time Of Day: Morning

Maui Family Portrait: Desi of Karma Hill Photography

Portrait Location in Maui: Southside Beach

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