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May 2, 2021

A Vivid Future – Shaun & Sara’s Maui Engagement Portraits


Shaun and Sara’s Maui Engagement Portraits are a celebration in and of themselves! With this spectacular couple embarking on a new journey together, we were thrilled to capture them against the golden glow of Ironwoods beach. With stunning cliffsides and powdery sand in the backdrop, this session was filled with take-your-breath-away beauty and sweet shots of a couple in love. 

Maui Engagement Portraits
man carries woman in arms on a romantic cliffside in maui
Maui Engagement Portraits
close up of couple's hands and they embrace highlighting woman's engagement ring
man and woman kiss on a romantic cliff in hawaii

The Maui Engagement Portraits

The soft, golden light of the western coast blessed our session. Shaun and Sara were clearly over the moon to be taking this next step together. So they didn’t falter when it came to bringing the romance! It was easy working with these two, their chemistry came naturally, and we had a wonderful time seeking out the perfect backdrops with lighting that highlighted their vivid love.    

Ironwoods Beach was the perfect setting for Shaun and Sara’s love story. With a variety of scenic scapes from towering cliffs to tropical sands, we loved capturing their energy against the shoreline. Ironwoods Beach gave was ideal for classic romance and also a playful splash in the tide. These Maui Engagement Portraits have a little bit of everything! 

Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits

Our Couple’s Story

A close mutual friend of Shaun and Sara’s set them up… Shaun’s dad! Dad had a sixth sense and just knew they were an unparalleled match. When Dad knows, he knows! Shaun and Sara have now been together for about two years and own two adorable furbabies. While both dogs are different species and ages, they somehow look like twins! 

Shaun and Sara are both from Illinois, where Shaun works as a police officer and Sara serves as an Assistant State’s Attorney. Thank you both for your service! This is their first time in Hawaii, and they were thrilled to capture Maui Engagement Portraits to forever freeze this special moment in time. 

Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits
Maui Engagement Portraits

Congratulations, Shaun and Sara! We had a lovely time capturing your beautiful images. We wish you all the best in the future ahead!


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Portrait Location: Ironwoods Beach

Maui Couples Photographer: Tenessa of Karma Hill Photography

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