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July 19, 2021

In Ocean Shades – The Shaw Family’s Adorable Maui Beach Portraits

We need to preface these Maui Beach Portraits with a cautionary note: what you are about to see may be TOO adorable to take in with just one sitting! This was the Shaws’ first time vacationing with the grandparents and both sides of grandkids! With the whole crew full of smiles and the joy that comes with being on the island shore, this was a photoshoot we won’t soon forget! 

Maui Beach Portraits

The Maui Beach Portraits

We knew Polo Beach was the perfect Maui portrait location for a family of this size and with a range of ages. With a variety of scenery and mellow tides, there’s something for everyone and plenty of lush backdrops to decorate their Maui Beach Portraits! 

We loved how the Shaw Family dressed in ocean shades. What a great way to tie in the beauty of the island while highlighting each member of the family. 

cute kids wearing white on the beach
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits

These kids are seriously the cutest! They were so supportive of each other and never lacking in megawatt smiles! We have no doubt that these are the proudest grandparents around! 

older couple stands on maui shore
Maui Beach Portraits
couple kiss in front of the ocean
Maui Beach Portraits

We made sure to grab individual portraits of each family, and this cute ohana of five had endless positive energy! Look below for the kiddos’ power poses! 

Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits

And of course, we had to capture extra sweet moments shared between these adorable siblings! How sincere are those expressions and cute faces! Continue on for more amazing and fun moments from the Shaws plus a sunset bursting with plums and tangerines! 

Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui Beach Portraits

Mahalo, Shaw Ohana, for trusting us with your family portraits. It was an absolute joy working with you, and we hope to see you again in the future! 


Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Portrait Location: Polo Beach

Maui Family Photographer: Anglica of Karma Hill Photography

Check out another recent Hawaii portrait here: https://karmahill.com/tuipulotus-maui-beach-portraits/

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