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September 6, 2022

The Best Morning – Chad & Stephanie’s Maui Proposal Photographer

Maui proposal photographer


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Being a Maui Proposal Photographer means we play an important role in planning these exciting moments. When you’ve found the perfect partner, deciding to propose is easy. Deciding how to propose is the challenging part. 

So we were overjoyed when Chad asked us to be a part of this momentous occasion for him and Stephanie! It was the most beautiful morning with a beautiful couple — Look at some of the photos below!

Maui proposal photographer

The Start of Something Amazing

Last Tuesday, we met Chad & Stephanie on the shores of Southside Beach for a portrait session. While Stephanie looked amazing and was ready to capture some beautiful photos, she was unaware of one very important detail: this was also a Maui engagement shoot!

As the first light of day found its place over the ocean, and as morning birds sang from the mountain, Chad kneeled before his beloved and asked her to become his wife. 

Chad was crying, Stephanie was crying, WE were crying — it was so romantic! Want to see for yourself? As their Maui proposal photographer, we captured the tearful moments and are excited to share them now!

Maui proposal photographer
Maui proposal photographer
Maui proposal photographer and engagement portraits
Maui proposal photographer on the beach

Ashlyn [from Karma Hill Photography] sent me a lovely email detailing out the best way to approach this and she made this such a simple decision!


Chad, The Happiest Man Alive

Raving over his Maui Proposal Photographer and her help planning the big moment
Maui proposal photographer packages
Maui proposal photographer on the beach
Maui proposal photographer
Maui proposal photographer

Looking Toward the Future after a Maui Proposal

After Stephanie said “Yes,” there was still fun to be had. We took the newly engaged couple around Southside Beach so they could take in this exciting moment and get even more photos. 

The danced at the water’s edge, kissed under a palm tree, and of course showed off the impressive ring!

We’re all still energized by the amazing vibes from this session. It’s such a treat to be a Maui Proposal Photographer and get to witness these huge, joyful moments. 

And now it’s time for Stephanie & Chad to plan their wedding! We know they have a lot to think about, but we hope their journey leads them back to Maui soon!

Maui proposal photographer
Maui proposal photographer in Wailea
Maui proposal photographer

A Maui Proposal Photographer will capture the moment you ask the big question and then can take portraits around the beach!

Maui proposal photographer on the beach
romantic Maui proposal photographer
Maui proposal photographer
Maui proposal photographer
Maui proposal photographer
Maui proposal photographer

Congratulations, Chad & Stephanie! We loved spending this wonderful morning with you and are sending you lots of love!


Time of Day: Morning

Maui Portrait Location: Southside Beach

Maui Proposal Photographer: Ashlyn from Karma Hill Photography

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Karma Hill - Hawaii
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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding, Simple Oahu Wedding, and Simple Hawaii Wedding, marking a significant presence in the Hawaii wedding community since 2007. With a wealth of experience and a vast collection of informative posts on weddings and photography in Hawaii, Karma Hill offers unparalleled expertise. Explore the world of photography and wedding planning across Hawaii by visiting Karma's websites.

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