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October 11, 2023

Everyone In The Frame – The Yoder’s Kauai Family Portrait


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Join the Yoder family, a lively bunch of five, including their adorable kids Reid, Lake, and June. With a talented photographer mom, their kids are pros at striking a pose during photo shoots. But this time around, it was a break for Jaclyn and time to capture everyone in one frame! The little girls absolutely adore their big brother, whose infectious laughter always brings smiles to their faces. In addition, this Kauai family portrait session holds extra significance as they celebrate Jaclyn’s 40th birthday in the most memorable way!

kauai family portrait

The Yoders chose the idyllic setting of Lae Nani Beach for their family portraits, and the result was simply breathtaking. Against the backdrop of crashing waves and golden sands, their radiant smiles came to life in each photograph. The beach’s natural beauty enhanced their portraits, creating timeless images that will be cherished for years to come.

For the Yoder family, this portrait session was more than just capturing beautiful pictures. It was a celebration of Jaclyn’s 40th birthday, making it a milestone moment for the entire family. They wanted to freeze this moment in time, documenting their lively bunch at their craziest and most lovable stage!

kauai family portrait

The Yoder kids melted hearts with their matching outfits, showcasing their family’s unity and playful spirit. Those bows are adorable! Their coordinated ensembles not only added a touch of sweetness but also highlighted the love and connection they share. These adorable details made their portraits even more captivating and cohesive!

kids on beach
kauai family portrait
boy on beach

As the morning sun backlit their portraits, a magical halo of sunshine enveloped the Yoder family. The golden rays created a dreamy and ethereal glow, perfectly capturing their contagious happiness and creating stunning images. The early morning light provided the ideal atmosphere for photographing their lively bunch in all their glory!

kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait
kauai family portrait

Lastly, the Yoder family’s Kauai portrait session was a lighthearted and magical adventure! We hope you had so much fun with your kids in Hawaii! Happiest of birthdays, Jaclyn! We hope you had the best time with your family in front of the camera!


Time Of Day: Morning

Kauai Portrait Location: Lae Nani Beach

Kauai Family Photographer In Kauai: Kate from Karma Hill Photography

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