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June 16, 2022

The Long-Awaited Getaway – Brown’s Family Portraits in Maui


When the Browns visited Hawaii, they knew they couldn’t return home without getting some moments captured. Their family portraits in Maui are a beautiful collection of memories we know our sweet bunch will always treasure. Not to mention, every shot showcases the island’s natural beauty and our cheerful group’s delight! If these photos are any indication, we can tell the Browns enjoyed every second of their vacation. Keep scrolling to see these pictures for yourself.

family portraits in maui

The Browns are a charming party of thirteen visiting the island with Kent and Connie — who brought everyone along! This group consists of Kent and Connie’s three kids and their families. After being postponed for two years, this trip was long-awaited! The Browns were supposed to visit in the summer of 2020, but unfortunately, COVID made them change their plans. Above all, we’re happy they’re finally experiencing Maui! In addition, we’re honored to have such a significant role in your getaway.

Hawaii Family Photographers on Beach
family photographers in Maui, Hawaii
family portrait photographers Maui
family photographers Maui, HI
Photo by Karma Hill Photography
Maui Beach Portraits
Maui family photographers
Maui family photographer
family photographers in Maui, Hawaii

Why They Took Family Portraits in Maui

This photo session was a gift to Connie for Mother’s Day! Usually, the Browns take their family portraits at Rosemary Beach in Florida. Since they regularly visit this spot in Florida, the Browns know how to capture their own pictures with a tripod!

Maui family portraits
Hawaii Family Photographers on Beach
Maui couples portraits
children photographers in maui
best beaches in maui for sunset portraits

However, they decided to change things up when they vacationed in Hawaii! They were looking forward to their photographer, Angelica, getting candids of Connie and Kent and then some with the grandchildren. Thankfully, Angelica did this effortlessly, so they’ll have enough images to make an album they can cherish forever.

best beaches in maui for sunset portraits
child friendly photographers maui

Most importantly, this getaway was the Brown’s first time in Hawaii! Based on their bright smiles in every Maui family portrait, you can tell they fell in love with the island. We adore these photos because we know they reflect the fun and remarkable memories the Browns made during their vacation!

Photo by Karma Hill Photography
Hawaii Family Photographers on Beach
Maui family photographers
family photographers Maui, HI

A warm Mahalo to the Brown family! It was a pleasure getting to know you all. We wish you a future full of quality time together and great memories!

Family Portraits in Maui – Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Portrait Location: Ironwoods Beach

Maui Family Photographers: Angelica from Karma Hill Photography

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