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October 20, 2021

A Loving Milestone – Donovan & Alex’s Maui Anniversary Portraits


Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Karma Hill

Anniversaries are monumental milestones for every relationship! Whether it’s your first or tenth, you should commemorate as if it’s your wedding day. For Donovan and Alex, they got breathtaking Maui anniversary portraits to celebrate ten delightful years together. Continue scrolling to see these fun pictures for yourself!

Maui Anniversary Portraits
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We love how gorgeous these Just Maui’d jackets are! You can never go wrong adding a jean jacket to an outfit — but this custom bedazzled one is epic. These jackets are adding cute personal touches to every photograph!

anniversary detail photography
Hawaii Anniversary Portraits
maluaka beach portraits

The Maui Anniversary Portraits

The sandy shores of Maluaka are full of scenic landscapes and have natural soft lighting creating an enchanting atmosphere! We couldn’t have chosen a better spot for Donovan and Alex’s pictures. The silky clouds and delicate colors of the sunset are decorating the sky softly.

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Anniversary Portraits in Maui, Hawaii
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This vintage Porsche from the Maui Roadsters is sensational! We love how they draped the vibrant flower arrangement on this vehicle. What a fun way to add a bit of lightheartedness and style to your photos!

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We love how you can see the texture of the water in the background of all the shots. Most importantly, everything portrait will remind our beautiful couple of their time in paradise when they head home.

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Our favorite thing about this location is the contrast between every natural color of the landscape. The light blue shades from the water and deep hues of the lava rocks create gorgeous scenes! Not to mention, the vibrant colors of Donovan and Alex’s suits have a magnificent contrast against the shores of this beautiful beach!

photo by karma hill photography
Anniversary Portraits in Maui
anniversary portraits on the beach in maui

You can see how much our stunning couple is in their own world during this intimate picnic! This setup is so posh; it looks like Donovan and Alex are having such a romantic moment together. We adore everything about it!

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Hawaii portrait Locations

Our Couple’s Story

This visit was our lovely couple’s first time on the island! Although this charming duo is getting married while they’re in Hawaii, they have been together for a long time. On October 11, this charming duo will have been together for ten years! Not only are they celebrating a marriage, but they are also celebrating a decade of being together!

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You can find Donovan and Alex taking pictures and traveling together in their spare time. They have a cute Yorkie named Demin, who they always have the best birthday parties for! In the future, they plan to move into their new home and start a family. Above all, we can’t wait to see which Maui anniversary portraits decorate the walls of their house!

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maluaka beach sunset portraits

You can tell our gorgeous couple wanted to make a statement with these portraits! The contrasting colors of their suits and flower crowns look beautiful together. We love how they made every outfit they posed unique with their own special touches!

maui sunset portraits
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Anniversary Portraits in Maui

Congratulations, Donovan and Alex, on ten years of love! It was so much fun to capture these moments for you. Wishing you an eternity of new adventures and loving memories!

Maui Anniversary Portraits – Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Portrait Location in Maui: Maluaka Beach

Maui Photographer: Cheynice from Karma Hill Photography

Picnic Set-Up: Maui Luxe Picnics

Car Rental: Maui Roadsters

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  1. Donovan T. Smalls says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! We are the WANDERLUST BOYS! 10.10.21

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